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The following programs were written primarily for my own use in conjunction with the World English Bible and HNV projects. Therefore, they are not polished, professional-quality software. They work for me, and if they help you, too, that is great! I find General Bible Format a little easier to work with than other, more standard formats, but I want to be able to convert to these other formats. That is what these programs do. contains gbf2osis.exe, gbf2xsem.exe, and gbf2sf.exe to convert to OSIS, XSEM, and USFM, respectively. contains C# .NET source code for the above programs. contains Borland Delphi 7 (object Pascal) source code for gbfcnvt.exe, which converts to HTML, RTF, TeX, plain ASCII text, a format readable by BibleWorks 5 or later, and a couple of less useful formats.

These programs were written by Michael Paul Johnson, and are released under the Gnu Lesser Public License or the IBM Common License, which ever you prefer. These programs are not supported, and not guaranteed in any way.

Another GBF conversion program to convert from GBF to Palm Bible+ format is available.

GBF Bible texts are available for the World English Bible, the World English Bible: Messianic Edition (also known as the Hebrew Names Version), the American Standard Version, and the King James Version. A partial GBF Bible text is available for the God’s Living Word translation.

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