God Make One Promise To David
(2 Samuel 7:1-17)
Afta David start fo live inside his palace, he tell Nathan, da guy dat talk fo God, “You know wat?! I stay live hea inside one palace my guys make from cedar wood. But da Box Fo No Foget Da Deal Wit Da One In Charge stay inside one tent!”
Nathan tell David, “Wateva you tink bout, do um, cuz God stay wit you.”
But dat nite, Nathan get dis message from God:
“Go tell my worka guy David, ‘Dis wat Da One In Charge tell: You not da one goin build me one house fo live inside. I neva live inside one house from da time I bring da Israel peopo dis way till today. I wen stay inside one tent wen da peopo move from one place to anodda place. Wea eva I stay go, an all da Israel peopo move wit me, I tell dea leada guys dey gotta take kea my peopo. But I neva tell dem, “Eh, how come you guys neva build one cedar wood house fo me?!” ’
“So now, dis wat you goin tell my worka guy David, I wen stay wit you wea eva you go. I wen wipe out da guys dat stay agains you an try fo stop you. Now I goin make all da peopo know bout you, jalike dey know bout da mos importan guys inside da world. I goin make one place fo my Israel peopo, jalike I goin plant dem inside dea place, an no mo nobody goin bodda dem. Da kine peopo dat do wrong an hurt odda peopo, no goin make dem presha no moa, jalike da way dey wen do from da start. 10 No matta wat dose peopo stay do from da time I wen pick da local leada guys fo my Israel peopo. An I wen win ova all da guys dat stay agains you.
“I promise you dat me, Da One In Charge, I goin make shua da guys dat come from you goin come da king guys afta you mahke. 11 Wen da time come fo yoa life pau, an you go fo stay wit yoa mahke ancesta guys, I goin put yoa kid fo take yoa place, one a yoa boys. An I goin make him one solid king. 12 Him da one goin build one house fo me, an I goin give his ohana da right fo be king foeva. 13  17:13: 2Cor 6:18; Heb 1:5I goin come jalike one faddah fo him, an he goin come jalike my boy. I goin stay tight wit him all da time, not da way I wen bag from Saul, da time he was king befo you. 14 I goin put yoa boy in charge a my Temple an da peopo dat I da king ova dem, foeva. His ohana goin get da right fo be king foeva.”
15 Wen Nathan tell David bout dis, he tell um eryting Da One In Charge wen tell um an show him.
How David Pray
(2 Samuel 7:18-29)
16 Den King David go inside da tent an sit down in front Da One In Charge. He tell:
“My God, Da One In Charge! I not importan, an my blood line not importan! Still yet, you wen bring me dis place! 17 God, da way you see um, all dat az no big deal. But now you stay talk bout me, yoa worka guy, an wat goin happen fo da king guys dat goin come from me long time afta now. You God, Da One In Charge, an you make to me jalike I da mos importan guy.
18 “Me, David, I yoa worka guy—I no can tell you notting moa, da way you make peopo show respeck fo me! You know me how I stay. 19 Da One In Charge, you tink bout me, yoa worka guy. An you goin make happen wat you like fo happen—all dis big ting you wen do. An you goin make me know all da big tings you wen promise fo do.
20 “You Da One In Charge. No mo nobody jalike you. No mo anodda God, ony you. Az jalike wat us guys hear erytime. 21 An no mo nobody stay jalike yoa Israel peopo! No mo odda peopo on top da earth jalike dem! Dea God wen go out an do wat he gotta do fo make dem come his peopo! Dass how you wen make erybody know wat kine god you, cuz you do big an awesome an unreal kine stuff. You even wen throw out da odda peopos from in front yoa Israel peopo. Dey da ones you wen make um no be slaves fo da Egypt peopo no moa. 22 You wen make yoa Israel peopo come yoa peopo foeva. An you, Da One In Charge, wen come da God fo dem!
23 “An now, you Da One In Charge, I like da ting you wen promise fo do happen an stay lidat foeva bout me, yoa worka guy, an my ohana. Do jalike you wen promise fo do. 24 An dat goin happen, an yoa name goin be importan foeva. Den peopo goin tell, ‘Da One In Charge, da God Ova All Da Armies, da God fo da Israel peopo! Dass who da God fo dem!’ An me, David, my ohana goin stay solid in front you, foeva!
25 “My God, you wen show me, yoa worka guy, dat you goin make one strong ohana come from me, jalike you build one house fo me. Dass how come me, yoa worka guy, can go in front you fo pray to you. 26 Da One In Charge, you da real God! You wen promise fo do dis good kine stuff fo me, yoa worka guy. 27 Now you stay good inside fo do good kine tings fo me yoa worka guy an my ohana. Dass how my ohana goin stay in front you foeva. Cuz you Da One In Charge, an you wen promise fo do good stuff fo dem. An goin stay lidat foeva!”

17:13 17:13: 2Cor 6:18; Heb 1:5