God Do Good Kine Stuff Fo Us
(Isaiah 49:8)
Cuz us guys stay work togedda wit God, we like give you guys good kine words: No let all da good kine stuff God wen do fo you guys stay fo notting. 6:2: Isa 49:8God tell dis inside da Bible, “I wen hear you at da right time. I wen kokua you, da time I like get you outa da bad kine stuff.” Eh, lissen! Now da right time fo God get you outa da bad kine stuff you stay in!
Da way us guys live, us no like trip peopo up an make um fall down fo nobody talk bad bout da tings we do fo God. But eryting us guys do, cuz we God worka guys, we like show dat us da fo real kine worka guys fo God. Us guys can handle, no matta dey give us trouble, you know. Us guys get hard time an us get plenny presha. 6:5: JGuys 16:23Dey bus us up an throw us inside jail. Erybody make big noise an like fight bout us. We work hard. No mo enuff sleep, an no mo enuff food, an we stay hungry. We stay clean inside. We know plenny from God. We hang in dea long time. We do good tings fo peopo. Da Good An Spesho Spirit stay in charge a us. We show plenny love an aloha to da peopo fo real kine. We tell da trut an we no bulai. God give us guys da powa fo do all da right kine stuff. Dass jalike we army guys, an oua boss give us eryting we need fo fight da bad guy an fo no let him wipe us out. Get peopo dat show plenny respeck fo us, an odda peopo dat make any kine to us. Get peopo dat talk bad bout us, an odda peopo dat talk good kine stuff bout us. An get peopo dat tink us guys bulai dem, but no matta cuz us tell da trut! Some peopo ack like dey donno us, but plenny peopo know us. We almos mahke, but eh, we still alive! Dey punish us plenny, but we still no mahke. 10 We stay sad inside, but same time we erytime stay good inside. We no mo money, but den, us stay make plenny peopo rich inside. Jalike we no mo notting, but we still yet get eryting.
11 You guys inside Corint, we talk fo real kine to you guys. We get plenny aloha fo you guys. 12 We wen give you guys love an aloha, but you guys no give us love an aloha. 13 Now I goin talk to you guys jalike you my kids. Give us love an aloha, jalike how we wen give you guys.
No Stay Wit Da Peopo Dat No Trus God
(Prieses 26:12; Jeremiah 31:9; 32:38; Ezekiel 20:34; 37:27; Isaiah 43:6; 52:11; 2 Samuel 7:8, 14)
14 No go hook up wit da kine peopo dat no trus God. Cuz da peopo dat do da right kine stuff, an da odda peopo dat stay agains da Rules From God, dey no goin work togedda. Da good kine peopo an da bad kine peopo no can stay tight wit each odda. 15 Christ an Satan no can tink togedda da same way. Da guy dat trus God an da guy dat no trus him no can work togedda. 16  6:16 a: 1Cor 3:16; 6:19; b: Pries 26:12; Ezek 37:27You guys tink you can go da temple fo pray to God, an same time you guys go in front da idol kine gods fo pray to dem? No way! Cuz da God dat stay alive fo real kine, he stay in charge a us guys, jalike us guys da temple wea he stay inside. God tell inside da Bible,
“I goin make house wit my peopo
An walk aroun wit dem.
I goin be dea God
An dey goin be my peopo.”
17  6:17: Isa 52:11Az why Da One In Charge tell dis inside da Bible,
“Dass why you gotta get out from dem
An no be jalike dem.
Stay away from da tings dat make um fo you no pray.
Den I goin bring you inside my ohana.
18  6:18: 2Sam 7:14; 1Rec 17:13; Isa 43:6; Jer 31:9I goin be yoa Faddah,
An you goin be my kids.”
Dass wat Da One In Charge wen tell, da One Dat Get All Da Powa.

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