God Make One Promise Fo David
(1 Records 17:1-15)
Den King David start fo live inside his palace. Da One In Charge let him res fo him no need fight da guys dat stay agains him. Dose guys live all aroun him. David tell Nathan (he one guy dat talk fo God), “Eh! I stay living hea inside one nice palace wit cedar wood all ova. But da Box Fo No Foget God, stay inside one cloth tent!”
Nathan tell da king, “Wateva you tink fo do, jus go do um awready, cuz Da One In Charge stay wit you, aah?”
But dat nite, Da One In Charge tell Nathan dis: “Go tell my worka guy David, ‘Me, Da One In Charge, give you dis message: You tink you da one fo build one temple fo me live inside um? Dat no goin happen! From da day I wen bring da Israel peopo outa Egypt, till today, I neva live inside one temple. I stay walk aroun all ova da place an live inside one tent, you know. Me an all da Israel peopo, we move plenny place! I neva tell even one a dea leada guys, “Eh, how come you guys no build me one fancy kine temple from cedar wood?!” Cuz you know, dey da ones take kea my Israel peopo jalike da sheep guys take kea dea sheeps.’
“Now tell my worka guy David: ‘Dis da message from me, Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies: I da One wen take you outa da grass fields wea you take kea da sheeps. I wen pick you fo come da leada ova my Israel peopo. Ery place you go, I stay wit you. I cut off all da guys dat stay agains you. Az why dey no can stan up in front you. Now, I goin make you one big name guy, jalike da mos big name guys in da world. 10 An I goin give one land fo plant my Israel peopo dea. Az how dey goin get one land fo dem. No goin get nobody bodda dem no moa. Da bad kine peopo no goin put presha on dem no moa, jalike dey wen put presha on my peopo wen dey start fo live hea firs time. 11 Dat was da time wen I pick local leada guys fo dem. An now, I goin let you res from all da guys dat stay agains you.
“ ‘Me, Da One In Charge, an I stay tell you dat I da One goin make yoa blood line stay king foeva. 12  7:12: Songs 89:3-4; 132:11; John 7:42; JGuys 2:30Wen yoa time pau, an you sleep wit yoa ancesta guys, goin be one a yoa kids dat I goin make king afta you, one dat come from you. An I goin make him come strong an solid, fo stay king long time. 13 He da one goin build one temple fo show wat kine god me, an I goin make his blood line strong an solid, so da king guys dat goin come from him, goin stay king foeva. 14  7:14: Songs 89:26-27; 2Cor 6:18; Heb 1:5I goin come jalike da faddah fo him, an he goin come jalike my boy. Weneva he jam up, I goin punish him, jalike any faddah guy punish his boy fo teach um. 15 But I no goin change da way I stay tight wit him, da way I wen change how I stay tight wit Saul. I wen tell “Laytas” to Saul fo you come king. 16  7:16: Songs 89:36-37Yoa ohana goin stay solid foeva. Same ting fo da king guys in da line dat come from you. Da right you guys get fo be da king, goin stay solid foeva too.’ ”
17 So Nathan tell David eryting dat God wen tell an show him.
David Pray
18 Den King David go inside da tent an sit down in front Da One In Charge. He tell: “Eh! you da Boss, Da One In Charge! But I donno how come you wen do all dis fo me awready! Cuz I notting, an my ohana, us notting! 19 You da One In Charge a me! All dis, fo shua not one big deal da way you see um! Cuz you even stay talk bout wat goin happen to my ohana long time afta now. I yoa worka guy, an you da One In Charge a me! Dis how you make to odda peopo erytime, o wat?! 20 Me, David, wat mo I can tell you?! Cuz you know me, yoa worka guy, an you Da One In Charge! You da Boss fo me! 21 You make solid wat you promise fo do, an you do wateva you tink fo do. Az why you stay do dis big ting, an let me, yoa worka guy, know bout um!
22 “You da One In Charge a me, fo shua, an you stay real importan! No mo nobody stay jalike you, an no mo any odda God, ony you! All da tings us guys wen hear awready, stay true! 23  7:23: Rules2 4:34No mo odda peopo inside da whole world jalike us guys, yoa Israel peopo! Us da ony peopo in da world dat get one God dat come an pay da price fo make us his peopo! You wen do dat fo show erybody wat kine god you, an fo do big an awesome an unreal kine stuff fo yoa land. You wen pay da price fo get yoa peopo outa Egypt, fo throw out da peopos dat live hea befo time, an dea gods too. 24 You wen make us Israel peopo come yoa peopo foeva! An you, Da One In Charge, wen come da God fo us guys!
25 “An now, oua God, Da One In Charge, make solid foeva da promise you wen make bout me, yoa worka guy, an bout my ohana foeva. Do jalike you wen promise fo do! 26 Az how yoa name goin stay big foeva. Peopo goin tell, ‘Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, he da God fo da Israel peopo.’ An me, David yoa worka guy, my ohana goin stay strong an solid in front you.
27 “You Da One In Charge, da God Ova All Da Armies! You da God fo da Israel peopo! You wen let me, yoa worka guy, hear all dis secret stuff. You tell me, ‘I goin make yoa ohana strong, jalike I build one house fo you.’ So I yoa worka guy, an az why I no sked fo pray lidis to you. 28 Fo shua, you da One In Charge a me, you da fo real God! I trus wat you tell, an you wen promise dese good kine tings fo me, yoa worka guy. 29 Now I like you stay good inside fo do good tings fo me, yoa worka guy, an fo my ohana, fo dem stay foeva in front you. Cuz you da One In Charge a me, you wen promise you goin do good tings fo dem. Az good, dat you goin do good kine stuff fo my ohana foeva!”

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