Da Good An Spesho Spirit Come
2:1: Pries 23:15-21; Rules2 16:9-11Wen da Day Numba Fifty afta Passova come, da one dey call Pentecos, all da peopo dat trus Jesus stay togedda one place. Right den an dea one noise come down from da sky jalike one strong wind, an make big noise all ova da house wea dey stay sit. Den dey see small kine fire dat look jalike one tongue dat stay right ova ery guy an wahine. Da Good An Spesho Spirit take charge a dem, an dey start fo talk plenny odda kine languages, cuz God Spirit make um fo dem talk lidat.
Had Jew guys dat get plenny respeck fo God from all da countries in da world. Dey stay inside Jerusalem dat time. Wen dey hear dat noise, plenny peopo come togedda, an dey come all shock, cuz all dem hear da Jesus guys stay telling stuff in dea own kine language. Dat blow dea mind, an make um tink plenny. An dey tell, “Eh! Da guys dat stay talk, dey from Galilee, aah? Den how come us guys stay hear dem tell stuff in oua language we can undastan? We come from all ova da place—from Partia, Medea, Elam, Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, West Asia, 10 Frygia, Pamfylia, Egypt, Libya nea Cyrene, an some guys from Rome. 11 Get Jews, an guys dat trus God an come jalike one Jew. Get peopo from Crete an Arabia. An still yet, all us hear dem tell da awesome stuff God do in oua kine language!” 12 Dat blow dea mind, an dey no can figga, an dey tell each odda, “Eh, wat dis mean?”
13 But had odda guys dat make fun a dem an tell, “Eh, dese guys, dey piloot!”
Peter Teach All Da Peopo
(Rules Secon Time 32:5; 2 Samuel 7:12-13; 22:6; 1 Kings 2:10; Songs 16:8-11; 18:4; 78:8; 110:1; 116:3; 132:11; Isaiah 57:19; Joel 2:28-32)
14 Den Peter stan up wit da odda eleven guys, an tell da peopo wit one big voice, “My braddahs an sistahs, all you Jew guys dat stay inside Jerusalem, lissen! I like tell you guys wat dis stuff dass happen mean. 15 Dese guys, dey not piloot da way you guys tink. Ony stay nine clock in da morning, aah? 16 Dis wat Joel tell, da guy dat talk fo God long time befo time:
17  2:17: Joel 2:28-32“God tell,
“ ‘Dis wat I goin do befo da world goin come pau,
I goin make my Spirit take charge a all da peopo.
Yoa boys an yoa girls goin talk fo me.
Yoa young guys goin see spesho tings.
An yoa ol guys goin dream plenny dreams.
18 Yeah, an dat time too, I goin make my Spirit
Take charge a da peopo dat work fo me,
Guys an wahines,
An dey goin talk fo me.
19 I goin show awesome stuff up dea in da sky,
An down hea on top da earth
Goin get blood an fire
An big kine smoke clouds.
20 Da sun goin come dark,
An da moon goin come red jalike blood.
Dat goin happen
Befo da big an awesome Day
Wen God, Da One In Charge, come fo judge all da peopo.
21 An den, erybody dat know who Da One In Charge fo real kine
An call out to him fo get um outa da bad kine stuff dey do,
Da One In Charge, goin lissen an get um outa all dat.’
22 “Eh, you guys from da Israel ohana, lissen! I like tell you bout Jesus, da guy from Nazaret town. God show dat Jesus fo real, cuz God give him powa, an he do all kine awesome stuff dat show who him. An you guys know dis fo real kine, cuz he do um right hea by you guys. 23  2:23: Matt 27:35; Mark 15:24; Luke 23:33; John 19:18God plan dis long time befo time, cuz he know dey goin give Jesus ova to you guys. An you guys wen take him an let da bad kine guys kill um on top one cross. 24  2:24: Matt 28:5-6; Mark 16:6; Luke 24:5But God make him come back alive one mo time from mahke. He no need suffa an mahke one mo time, cuz a wat God wen do. He no can stay mahke cuz he mo strong. 25  2:25: Songs 16:8-11David tell dis bout him:
“ ‘I wen spock Da One In Charge.
He stay in front me all da time.
He stay close by my right side.
I no goin come shook up.
26 Az why I stay real good inside
Wen I tell peopo bout him.
No matta I goin mahke, I know I can res an wait fo God,
27 Cuz God, you no goin let me stay inside Hell,
An you no goin let me rot, cuz I stay good an spesho fo you.
28 You wen teach me how fo live
Fo real kine.
You goin make me stay real good inside,
Cuz you stay wit me.’
29 “My braddahs an sistahs, good I tell you guys fo real kine dat da leada fo oua ohana, David, he wen mahke, an dey bury him, an his grave stay hea still yet. 30  2:30: Songs 132:11; 2Sam 7:12-13David was one guy dat talk fo God, an know dat God wen promise dis: ‘Bumbye I goin make one guy from yoa ohana come king jalike you.’ 31 David wen know wat God goin do. He tell dat da Spesho Guy God Goin Sen goin come back alive one mo time. He no goin stay inside Hell, an his body not goin rot. 32 God wen make Jesus come alive one mo time, an all us guys see him an tell bout him. 33 God put him in da mos importan place by his right side, an he get da Good An Spesho Spirit, da One God wen promise. He make his Spirit take charge a us guys too, an dass wat you see an hear now. 34  2:34: Songs 110:1Cuz David neva go up in da sky, but he tell,
“ ‘Da One In Charge wen tell da one in charge a me:
“Go come ova hea, sit down!
Dis da importan place by my right side.
35 Bumbye I goin make da peopo dat go agains you
Go down in front you,
Fo show dat you da winna ova dem.” ’
36 “So lissen up! All da Israel peopo gotta know dis fo shua: You guys wen kill dis guy Jesus on top one cross, but God make him Da One In Charge, an he da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen.”
37 Wen da peopo hear dat, dey come sore inside, an dey tell Peter an da odda guys Jesus wen sen all ova, “Braddahs, wat we goin do?”
38 Peter tell dem, “All you guys gotta change how you tink an no do all da bad kine stuff you stay do befo time, an get baptize fo show you Jesus guys. He da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen. Den God goin let you guys go, an hemo yoa shame fo all dat bad kine stuff, an he goin give you his Good An Spesho Spirit. 39 He wen promise all dat fo you guys an yoa kids, an fo all da peopo dat no stay tight wit God—all da ones Da One In Charge goin tell fo come to him, dass oua God.”
40 Peter tell dem plenny mo stuff, an beg um, “Let God take you outa da bad kine stuff dat da odda peopo stay do now.” 41 Had bout three tousan peopo dat trus wat he tell, an get baptize. Den dey come togedda wit da odda peopo dat trus Jesus. 42 Dey stick wit all da stuff dat Jesus guys teach dem. An dey all stick togedda, an eat togedda, an pray togedda.
Da Peopo Dat Trus Jesus Stick Togedda
43 Da guys Jesus wen sen all ova, dey get powa fo do plenny awesome stuff. Erybody stay sked cuz dey get plenny respeck fo Jesus guys. 44  2:44: JGuys 4:32-35All da peopo dat see wat wen happen stick togedda, an share all dea stuffs wit each odda. 45 Some a dem sell dea stuffs o dea property, an share some a da money wit da ones dat need kokua. 46 Ery day dey come togedda inside da open lanai fo da temple. Dey all come togedda inside dea houses an bring dea food fo share wit each odda. An dey all stay good inside, an dey happy fo come togedda. 47 Dey tell God “Mahalo plenny!” an tell how good he stay. An all da odda peopo talk good bout dem. Ery day Da One In Charge bring odda peopo aroun dat he take outa da bad kine stuff dey do.

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