Song fo sing wen you go up to da Temple Fo God
Eh! Da One In Charge,
No foget King David
An how he wen suffa plenny.
David make one strong promise
To Da One In Charge,
One promise to da Strong God
Dat Jacob wen pray to.
132:3: JGuys 7:46-47David tell, “I no even goin go
Inside my house
O lay down on top da bed wea I sleep,
Cuz I gotta do dis firs!
I make shua I no goin sleep
O close my eyes,
Till I find one place
Dass right fo Da One In Charge,
One place fo Da Strong God stay.
Da One dat Jacob wen pray to.”
132:6: 2Rec 6:41-42Us guys wen hear wat David like do,
Wen we stay Efratah side,
An we wen find da Box
Fo No Foget Da Deal Wit God,
Wen we go nea Kiriat-Jearim.
We hear peopo tell,
“Eh! We go da place God stay!
We go down in front his throne
Fo show respeck!
Eh, Da One In Charge,
All us guys like fo you go up
An come inside da place dat stay dea,
Fo you stay dea foeva,
An we like da Box
Fo No Foget Da Deal
Come dea wit you,
Da Box dat show how strong you!
Us guys like peopo fo see,
Dat even da kine spesho clotheses
Yoa pries guys wear,
Make erybody tink bout wass right!
Us like da peopo dat stay spesho fo you
Sing cuz dey stay real good inside!”
10 King David was yoa worka guy
Befo time,
An you wen get respeck fo him,
So no tell “Laytas” to da new king
You wen pick.
11  132:11: 2Sam 7:12-16; 1Rec 17:11-14; Songs 89:3-4; JGuys 2:30Befo time, Da One In Charge
Make one strong promise to David,
Da kine promise you can trus,
An God no goin change his mind.
He tell: “I goin put one king
Dat goin come from you, David,
On top da throne,
Jalike wen you was in charge.
12 If yoa kids dat come from you bumbye
Stay stick wit da Deal I wen make,
An da tings I stay teach um
Dat dey gotta do,
Den goin be dea kids
Dat get da right foeva
Fo be da king on top da throne,
Jalike wen you was in charge.”
13 Cuz Da One In Charge wen pick
Mount Zion inside Jerusalem town
Fo be da place he like stay.
14 He tell: “Dis da place
I goin stay foeva.
I goin sit on top da throne an be da king,
Cuz dis da place I wen like stay
From long time befo time.
15 I goin do good tings
Fo da Jerusalem peopo,
An give dem all da food dey need.
Even da peopo dea dat no mo notting,
I goin make shua
Dey get plenny fo eat.
16 I even goin make
Da spesho kine clotheses
Da pries guys wear,
Fo make erybody no foget
Dat I wen get um outa trouble.
Da peopo ova dea
Dat stay spesho fo God
Goin sing plenny,
Cuz dey stay real good inside.
17  132:17: 1Kings 11:36Inside Jerusalem,
I goin make one guy come king
Dat get plenny powa.
He goin come
From King David ohana.
He da One I pick awready,
An I goin make shua
He stay king long time,
Jalike one lamp dat stay on foeva.
18 I goin make shua, wen you tink bout
Da peopo dat stay agains my king,
You ony goin rememba
Dat I put plenny shame on dem.
But da crown on top da king head
Goin shine so you no foget
How awesome him!”

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