Pray An Trus God
One David kine song
Eh God, no let notting bad happen to me!
I trus you fo proteck me.
Dis wat I tell Da One In Charge:
“You, you da Boss fo me!
If no was fo you,
No mo notting good happen to me!”
Da peopo inside dis land
Dat stay spesho fo God,
Dey awesome!
Dey make me feel good inside
Wen I tink bout um.
But now, fo da peopo dat like hang out wit dose gods,
Dey goin suffa mo an mo plenny!
No way I goin go wit dem fo make one sacrifice
An pour blood on top da groun fo dose gods,
I no even goin tell da names
A da gods dey stay tight wit.
Eh! You Da One In Charge! Da main ting I get cuz I yoa kid,
I get you!
You, you make good tings happen fo me,
Cuz you stay in charge a eryting dat goin happen to me.
Az nice, da stuff you do fo me!
I stay real good inside
Cuz a wat you give me cuz I yoa kid!
I goin tell good tings bout Da One In Charge
Cuz he da One show me how fo live.
Even nite time, he make me know inside
Weneva I jam up.
Dass why I goin tell erybody
Dat he do good tings fo me!
I make shua I tink bout Da One In Charge,
Cuz he stay in front me foeva.
No mo notting throw me off,
Cuz he stay right dea by me.
Dass how come, I stay real good inside,
An I feel inside jalike I throw party!
Fo shua, wen my body stay res,
No mo notting bad goin happen to me.
10  16:10: JGuys 13:35Cuz you no goin leave me
Inside da Mahke Peopo Place.
I stay tight wit you,
Az why you no goin make me know
How stay, inside da grave.
11  16:11: JGuys 2:25-28, 31You, you erytime show me
Da way fo live fo real kine.
Wen I stay wit you,
I stay good inside to da max.
Az nice, cuz I live nea you all da time!

16:10 16:10: JGuys 13:35

16:11 16:11: JGuys 2:25-28, 31