One Guy Dat Neva Do Notting Wrong, Pray
One David kine prayer song
Eh! You Da One In Charge! I stay tell you
Fo do da right ting fo me, so try lissen!
I stay yell to you fo help me,
So try lissen real good!
I stay pray to you,
An I no bulai notting.
You da judge. Az why I like fo you fo see
Dat I do wass right,
An tell erybody
I neva do notting bad.
You look inside me,
An you know how I tink.
Nite time, you come by me
Fo tes me
An see if get anyting pilau inside me,
So you know no mo notting wrong.
I make up my mind fo no tink bad kine tings.
No way notting pilau goin come outa my mout,
Da way odda peopo ack.
Cuz I lissen wat you tell me fo do,
I watch how da steala guys make
An I watch out fo no make jalike dem.
Ery place I go, I go jalike how you like me fo go.
No way I goin trip an fall down.
Eh God, lissen me! I yelling to you fo help
Cuz I know you goin do someting.
Try lissen real good!
An hear wat I tell!
Try do spesho kine tings fo show yoa peopo
Dat you stay tight wit us guys.
You real strong,
An you get peopo outa trouble
Weneva dey gotta run away
From da peopo dat make war.
Try take kea me,
Jalike peopo take kea dea eye fo no get hurt!
Try proteck me,
Jalike da muddah bird put her wing ova da bebe bird!
So den da bad kine peopo
Dat like wipe me out, no can.
Get peopo dat stay agains me an like kill me.
Dey come all aroun me.
10 Dem guys, dey no mo pity fo nobody.
Dey talk big bout dea life
Jalike dey tink dey God!
11 Dey stay come nea me now, all aroun me,
Dey wait fo throw me down on top da groun.
12 Dem guys, dey jalike hungry lions dat like rip me up.
Jalike da young lions hide an wait fo make one kill.
13 Eh! You Da One In Charge! Go afta dem guys!
Face um an throw um down!
No let um get away!
Use yoa sword,
Fo make shua da bad kine guys no goin hurt me!
14 Eh! Da One In Charge, you real strong!
So get me outa trouble from dat kine peopo!
Da ones dat ony like get plenny stuffs
From inside dis world!
But da ones you get love an aloha fo,
You give dem all da good tings dey like get.
Dea kids an dea grankids,
Goin get mo plenny still yet!
15 But me, I goin see you fo real kine
Cuz I get um right wit you.
Bumbye, wen I wake up,
I goin see you right dea wit me,
An dass goin be enuff fo me!