Hezekiah Come Sick
(2 Records 32:24-26; Isaiah 38:1-8)
Dat time, King Hezekiah come sick an almos mahke. Isaiah, Amoz boy dat talk fo God, go by him an tell, “Lissen up. Dis one spesho message from Da One In Charge: Go make eryting ready, cuz you goin mahke. You no goin come good.”
Den Hezekiah turn his whole body fo face da wall. He pray to Da One In Charge lidis: “Da One In Charge! Try no foget, dat all da stuff I do, I no hide um from you. I try erytime fo be da kine guy you can trus, an do eryting I promise fo do. I wen try fo make shua I do ony da kine stuff dat you tell az good.” Den Hezekiah cry real hard.
Befo Isaiah go outside da open lanai fo da palace, Da One In Charge tell him: “Go back an tell Hezekiah, da leada guy fo my peopo, ‘Dis anodda message from me, Da One In Charge, da God fo yoa ancesta guy David. Tell um, I wen hear you pray awready, an see how you stay cry. Now, I da One goin make you come good. Da day afta tomorra, you goin go up by da Temple Fo Da One In Charge. I goin give you fifteen mo year fo stay alive. An I goin get you an da peopo inside dis big town outa da powa a da Assyria king. Jalike I goin put one fence aroun dis big town, cuz a who me, an cuz a my worka guy David.’ ”
Den Isaiah tell da helpa guys, “Go get some figs, cook um an lomi um all togedda.” Dey do dat, an put um on top Hezekiah boil, an he come good.
Wen da helpa guys stay cook da fig kine stuff, Hezekiah aks Isaiah, “You know wat da sign goin be, fo show me dat Da One In Charge goin make me come good, an dat I goin go up inside da Temple Fo Da One In Charge da day afta tomorra?” Isaiah tell, “Dis goin be da sign from Da One In Charge, fo show you dat he goin do wat he promise fo do. Look! da shadow go down ten step on top da palace stair awready. You like fo da shadow go back up ten step now?”
10 Hezekiah tell, “Az easy fo da shadow go down ten step. So mo betta, make um go back up ten step!”
11 Den Isaiah, da guy dat talk fo God, aks Da One In Charge fo do dat, an Da One In Charge make da shadow go back up da ten step afta awready wen go down. Dass was da stair King Ahaz wen build.
Guys Come From Babylon
(Isaiah 39:1-8; 2 Records 32:32-33)
12 Dat time, Merodak-Beladan, Beladan boy, da Babylon king, sen Hezekiah one letta an one present, cuz he hear dat Hezekiah wen come sick. 13 An wen Hezekiah hear bout da Babylon messenja guys, he go show dem eryting inside da palace. He show um da expensive kine oil, da silva, da gold, da balsamic oil, da good kine olive oil, da place wea dey keep da tings dey use fo fight—eryting Hezekiah get inside his storage places. No mo notting inside da palace o inside da whole land dat Hezekiah neva show dem.
14 Den Isaiah, da guy dat talk fo God, go by King Hezekiah an aks him, “Wat dose guys wen tell, an wea dey come from?”
Hezekiah tell, “Dey come from far away, from Babylon.”
15 Den da guy dat talk guy fo God aks, “Wat dey wen see inside yoa palace?”
Hezekiah tell, “Dey see eryting inside my palace. No mo notting from all my rich kine stuff dat I neva show dem.”
16 Den Isaiah tell Hezekiah, “Lissen wat Da One In Charge tell: 17  20:17: 2Kings 24:13; 2Rec 36:10Fo shua, one time goin come wen eryting inside yoa palace, an eryting dat yoa ancesta guys wen keep dea, till today, da Babylon guys goin rip um off an take um Babylon side. No mo notting goin stay ova hea. Az wat Da One In Charge tell. 18  20:18: 2Kings 24:14-15; Dan 1:1-7An some a da kids dat goin come from you, dat get yoa blood, dat yoa wahines goin born fo you, dey goin take dem away too. Da Babylon guys goin make um so yoa boy kids no can get kids. Dey goin come worka guys fo da Babylon king, inside his palace.”
19 Hezekiah tell, “Az good, dis message from Da One In Charge you stay tell.” Cuz he tink, “Fo shua, eryting goin stay good, an no mo notting goin change till afta I mahke.”
20 All da odda stuff dat Hezekiah do, an how he make da watta place an da tunnel dey use fo bring watta inside da big town, all dat stay inside da Record Book Fo Da Israel Kings. 21 Hezekiah mahke, an go by his ancesta guys. Manasseh his boy come da nex king.

20:17 20:17: 2Kings 24:13; 2Rec 36:10

20:18 20:18: 2Kings 24:14-15; Dan 1:1-7