Daniel See Someting
Jalike One Dream Bout One Guy
Da year numba three wen Cyrus stay da king fo Persia, God give one message dat was secret befo time to Daniel (da guy anodda king wen call Belteshazzar). Wat God show Daniel, dat message stay true, an tell bout one big war. He undastan wat dat mean cuz he wen see um, jalike in one dream.
Da time da message come, me, Daniel, I stay feel sore inside fo three week. I no eat good kine food like meat o wine, an I no comb my hair wit oil, till da three weeks pau.
April 23, I stay stan on top da side a da big Tigris Riva. 10:5: JShow 1:13-15; 2:18; 19:12I look up, an ova dea in front me get one guy wit linen kine clotheses. He get one fancy gold belt aroun his wais. His body look jalike da yellow jasper jewel stone, his face look jalike da lightning, his eyes jalike torches dat stay burn, his arms an feets shine like bronze metal afta peopo polish um. His voice soun jalike from plenny peopo.
Me, Daniel, I da ony one dat wen see dis ting. Da guys dat stay wit me neva see um, but dey come real sked, an dey run away fo hide. So I stay dea, da guys run away, an I da ony one dat see dis importan ting dat stay jalike one dream. I come weak. I even look jalike I stay wipe out. I no can do notting. Den I hear da awesome guy talk, an wen I lissen him, I pass out an my face stay on top da groun.
10 Den somebody touch me an pull me up wit his hand, an put me on top my hands an knees, an I stay shaking. 11 Da guy tell, “Eh Daniel! God get plenny love an aloha fo you! Tink plenny bout wat I goin tell you now! Stan up, cuz God sen me by you now!” Wen he tell me dat, I stan up, still shaking.
12 Den he tell me, “No sked, Daniel. Cuz from da firs day dat you wen try fo undastand da message from God, an fo no get one big head in front yoa God, he wen hear wat you tell. I come hea now cuz a wat you tell. 13 10:13: JShow 12:7But da bad spirit dat stay in charge a da Persia land, he no let me come hea fo twenny-one days. Den Michael, one a da main angel guys, come fo help me cuz I stay stuck ova dea by da Persia king guys. 14 Now, I stay come hea fo help you undastan wat goin happen to yoa peopo long time from now. Da ting you see jalike one dream, tell bout one time dat still yet goin come.”
15 Wen he stay tell me all dis stuff, I look down on da groun, an no can talk notting. 16 Den somebody dat look jalike one guy touch my lips. I open my mout an I can talk one mo time! I tell da one standing in front me, “Boss, cuz a wat I wen see, I no feel good inside, an I no can do notting! 17 Boss, I yoa worka guy, but I no can even talk to you now! I stay weak, an I almos no can breave.”
18 Den da one dat look jalike one guy touch me one mo time an make me come strong one mo time. 19 He tell: “God get plenny love an aloha fo you! So, no sked! Eryting goin go good fo you! Come strong now, come strong!”
Wen he talk to me, I come mo strong. I tell, “Boss, talk to me now cuz you make me come strong.”
20 So he tell, “You know how come I stay come by you? Pretty soon I goin go back fo make war agains da bad spirit dat stay in charge a Persia. Wen I pau dea, den da bad spirit dat stay in charge a Greece goin come. 21 But still yet, I goin tell you wat stay write inside da Book Dat Tell Da Trut. (Gabriel tell: No mo nobody help me agains dose bad spirits dat stay in charge a da odda countries. Ony Michael, da main angel guy fo you Israel guys, he help me.”

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