Da Israel Peopo Win Ova Og,
Da King Fo Bashan
“Afta dat we turn go north side by da road dat go Bashan. Og, da king fo da Bashan peopo an all his army guys come out fo fight us by Edrei. Da One In Charge tell me, ‘No come sked King Og, cuz I goin give you guys da powa fo take him, all his army guys, an his land. Make jalike you guys wen make to Sihon, da king fo da Amor peopo, dat was da king fo Heshbon town.’
“So, oua God, Da One In Charge, wen give us powa ova Og, da king fo da Bashan peopo, an all his army guys too. We wipe dem all out. No mo nobody stay alive dea. Dat time, we take ova all his big towns. From da sixty towns Argob side, all ova wea Og stay king inside Bashan, neva have one town dat us guy no take ova. All dose big towns get tall walls dat nobody can broke down, an gates wit bars on top um. An get plenny odda town dat no mo wall too. We wen wipe um all out, jalike we stay make one big sacrifice fo God. We do same ting fo Sihon, da king inside Heshbon: we wipe out guys, wahines, an kids. But all dea animals an stuffs, we take um away fo us use um.
“Dat time, we take ova da land from da two Amor kings—da land da east side a da Jordan Riva from da Arnon Canyon to Mount Hermon. (Da Sidon peopo call Hermon ‘Sirion,’ an da Amor peopo call um ‘Senir’.) 10 We take all da towns up country an all Gilead, an all Bashan to Salekah, an Edrei, da towns wea Og wen stay king inside da Bashan land. 11 (Ony Og, da king fo Bashan, stay dea from da odda Refa peopo, wen he mahke. Og get one iron punee thirteen feet long an six feet wide. Dat punee still yet stay dea inside Rabbah town wea da Ammon peopo live.)
Dey Split Up Da Land
12 “From da land we take ova dat time, I give da Reuben an da Gad ohanas da land on da north side Aroer by da Arnon Canyon, an half da up country an da towns inside Gilead. 13 Da odda land inside Gilead an all da land inside Bashan, wea Og was king befo time, I give um to half da Manasseh ohana. (You know, all da Argob land inside Bashan, befo time da peopo call um da Refa peopo land. 14 Jair from da Manasseh ohana take ova da land inside Argob, all da way to wea da Geshur peopo an da Maakah peopo stay. Today da peopo still yet call Bashan ‘Jair Towns’.) 15 An I give Gilead to da peopo dat come from Makir, Manasseh boy. 16 But I give da land from Gilead to da Arnon Canyon to da Reuben an Gad ohanas, from da middo a da Arnon Canyon to da Jabbok Riva, wea da Ammon peopo stay. 17 On da west side get da Jordan Riva inside da Arabah Valley, from da Kinneret Lake to da big lake inside da Arabah Valley (az da Big Salt Lake), unda Mount Pisgah, da east side.
18  3:18: Josh 1:12-15“Dat time, I wen tell you Reuben, Gad, an Manasseh guys dat goin stay east a da Jordan Riva, wat you gotta do: ‘Yoa God Da One In Charge wen give you guys da land dis side fo come yoa property. Az why all yoa guys dat can fight, gotta take dea bows an arrows an swords, an go da odda side a da Jordan Riva in front da odda Israel peopo fo help dem fight firs. 19 But yoa wifes, yoa kids, an all da animals you get, can stay inside da towns I wen give you guys ova hea. (I know you guys get plenny animals.) 20 Afta yoa braddah guys pau fight, an dey take ova da land dat yoa God, Da One In Charge, stay give dem da odda side a da Jordan Riva too, Da One In Charge goin let dem res. Den all you guys can come back da land I wen awready give you guys ova hea.’
Moses No Can Go
Da Odda Side Da Jordan Riva
21 “Dat time, I tell Joshua wat he gotta do: ‘You awready wen see wat you guys God, Da One In Charge, wen do to dose two kings. Da One In Charge goin do da same ting to all da place dat get king ova dea da odda side wea you guys goin go. 22 You guys no need stay sked a dem. Cuz you guys God Da One In Charge, he da One goin fight fo you guys.’
23  3:23: Census 27:12-14; Rules2 32:48-52“Dat time I aks Da One In Charge plenny time fo help me. I tell um: 24 ‘You Da One In Charge! You da Boss, an I yoa worka guy. You wen start fo show me how big an how strong you stay. No mo any odda god inside da sky o on top da earth dat can do stuff jalike da awesome kine tings you do. 25 Try let me go da odda side a da Jordan Riva fo see da good land ova dea, up country an Lebanon side.’
26 “But cuz a you guys, Da One In Charge come real huhu wit me, an no like lissen me. He tell, ‘Az enuff awready! No talk to me no mo bout dat! 27 Climb up da top Mount Pisgah. Look da land on da west side, da north side, da south side, an da east side. Cuz you no goin go da odda side a da Jordan Riva. 28 But put Joshua in charge. Give him good kine words, an make him mo strong an solid, cuz he da one goin go da odda side a da Jordan Riva an all dese peopo goin follow him. An he da one goin help dem take ova da land you goin see.’ 29 So us guys stay inside da valley nea Bet-Peor.”

3:18 3:18: Josh 1:12-15

3:23 3:23: Census 27:12-14; Rules2 32:48-52