Talk Fo God
Habakkuk Grumble
(Jeremiah 46; Jesus Guys 13:41)
Habakkuk one a da guys dat talk fo God. He tell wat God show him. He tell:
“Eh! You, Da One In Charge!
How long I gotta yell to you fo help us guys,
But you no lissen?!
I yell to you, ‘Us all bus up!’
But you no get us outa trouble.
How come you make me see
Peopo do all kine stuff dass not right?!
Wen peopo do wass wrong,
How come you let um do um?!
Peopo bus up each odda
An wipe out each odda right in front me!
Dey erytime make argue an beef.
Az why da Rules come all jam up,
An da judge guys make shua da guys
Dat do wass right no win.
Da bad kine peopo no let da good kine peopo
Do wat dey suppose to do.
Da bad guys make da right way come all kapakahi.”
Wat Da One In Charge Tell Habakkuk
1:5: JGuys 13:41Da One In Charge tell:
“Look aroun all da diffren nations
An watch um good.
Yoa jaw goin drop!
I stay ready fo make someting happen
Wen you guys still stay alive.
An you guys not goin tink wat I tell az fo real,
No matta I tell you guys befo dat happen!
1:6: 2Kings 24:2“You know wat I goin do?!
I goin make da Babylon peopo come strong.
Dey like hurt peopo,
An dey no tink befo dey do stuff.
Dey go all ova da wide places on top da world.
Dey take ova land dass not deas.
Erybody stay real sked a dem.
Dey make up da kine rules dey like.
Dey make um fo dem be da ones come importan.
Dea horses run mo fas den da leopards.
Dey mo skery den da hungry wild dogs
Wen dey hungry dark time.
Wen get war, all dea horses run real fas.
Da guys dat ride um come from far away.
Dey go jalike one scavenja bird
Dat dive down fas fo grab someting fo eat.
Dea army come fo bus up erybody.
All dea guys togedda come fas
Jalike da wind dat come from da boonies.
Dey catch plenny prisonas,
Jalike da plenny sand on top da beach.
10 Dey da kine guys dat make fun a da kings fo da odda peopos.
Dey make jalike da importan guys
Fo da odda peopos, not importan.
Dey laugh at da odda peopos strong wall.
Dey build dirt ramps fo run ova da wall fo odda peopos big towns
An take um ova.
11 Den dey move by you fas, jalike da wind.
Dey go broke da rules an get plenny blame.
Dey tink bout ony dea powa
Jalike dat powa was one god.”
Habakkuk Grumble One Mo Time
12 You, Da One In Charge!
You my God!
You stay alive from befo time
An you no goin mahke!
You my God dat stay good an spesho.
You Da One In Charge!
You wen pick da Babylon guys fo pay us back.
You strong, jalike one cliff.
You wen pick dem fo punish us guys!
13 You stay good an right.
Wen you see peopo do bad kine stuff,
You no tell az okay.
You tell “Laytas” to eryting dass wrong!
So den, how come you let da bad peopo
Make one plan fo set up peopo dat trus dem?
Wen dey scam da peopo
Dat do wass right mo den dem,
How come you no tell notting?!
14 Da bad guys make to us guys
Jalike dey make to fish inside da ocean.
Fo dem, peopo jalike da small animals
Dat run aroun an no mo leada.
15 Da bad guys pull um all up wit fishhooks.
Dey catch um inside dea small net.
Dey bring dem all up inside dea big net.
Az why da bad guys stay real good inside.
16 Az why dey make sacrifice fo dea nets,
Jalike da nets was gods.
Dey burn incense fo dea nets.
Cuz dea nets help dem stay rich
An eat da bestes kine food.
17 So, you goin let dem take ova all da peopo dey catch in dea nets, o wat?!
Dey goin wipe out mo an mo peopos
An no give um chance, o wat?!

1:5 1:5: JGuys 13:41

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