Jesus, Oua Main Pries Guy,
Give Us One Mo Betta Deal
(Outa Egypt 25:40; Jeremiah 31:31-34)
8:1: Songs 110:1So, all dis stuff I stay tell you guys, dis da main ting: Us guys get da Main Pries dass perfeck. Dass Jesus. He da One dat sit down in da mos importan place, by da right side a da throne wea God Da Awesome King stay up dea inside da sky. Jesus stay work inside da place dat stay spesho fo God, da real place wea God stay, dat Da One In Charge wen make, not jalike da kine tent da peopo wen make.
All da Main Pries Guys come pries fo give da gifs from da peopo to God, an fo kill da animals fo make da sacrifices. Az why Jesus gotta bring someting fo give to God too. But you know, if Jesus was hea inside dis world now, he no can be one pries guy, cuz awready get guys dat give da gifs to God, jalike da Jew Rules tell. 8:5: Outa 25:40Dose pries guys, dey work fo God inside one big tent dass ony jalike one copy a da real place dat stay wit God inside da sky. Az why, wen God show Moses how he suppose to make da big tent, God tell him, “Make shua you do eryting jalike da picha I wen show you wen you wen stay on top da mountain.”
But da pries kine stuff dat Jesus stay do fo God, dat stuff way mo betta den da stuff da odda pries guys stay do. An same ting, Jesus da middo man fo da deal dass way mo betta den da firs deal. An dat New Deal way mo betta, cuz God wen make mo betta promises wen he make dat New Deal.
Try tink lidis, if no mo trouble wit da firs deal, den no need make anodda deal, aah? 8:8: Jer 31:31-34But God wen get real hard time wit da peopo cuz dey no can handle. Az why he tell dis inside da Bible:
“Me, Da One In Charge, tell dis:
‘Lissen! Da time goin come,
Wen I goin make one New Deal
Fo da Israel ohana,
An fo da Judah ohana.
No goin be same same jalike da deal
Dat I wen make wit dea ancesta guys,
Da time I wen hold dea hand
Fo bring um outa Egypt.
Dem guys, dey neva stick wit da deal I wen make wit dem.
Cuz a dat, I no lissen dem.’
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
10 ‘Dis da deal I goin make bumbye
Wit da Israel ohana peopo.
I goin put my Rules inside dea head.
I goin write um inside dem.
I goin be dea God fo real kine,
An dey goin be my peopo fo real kine.
11 Den dey no need teach all da guys dat live close,
An dey no need teach dea braddahs an sistahs.
No need tell um, “Eh! Gotta know Da One In Charge!”
Cuz dat time, dey goin all know who me,
From da guys dass not importan to da importan guys.
12 I goin pity dem an give um chance,
No matta dey wen do tings dat no stay right.
An I goin foget bout
Da bad kine stuff dey wen do.’ ”
13 Wen God tell “da New Deal,” dat mean he make da firs deal no good awready. An you know, wateva stay come ol an no good, dat litto mo gone awready.

8:1 8:1: Songs 110:1

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