No Make Nice To Some Peopo
But Not To Odda Peopo
(Outa Egypt 20:14; Prieses 19:18; Rules Secon Time 5:18)
Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! You guys trus da awesome One In Charge a us guys, Jesus Christ. Cuz a dat, no ony make nice to some peopo, an not to odda peopo, jus cuz you tink dey no look good. Wat if get two guys dat come to yoa church meeting. One guy get one gold ring, an he all dress up. An da odda guy pooa, an ony get puka kine clotheses. An den you guys tink, “Eh! Da guy wit da nice kine clotheses, check um out!” Den you guys make nice to him, an you tell um, “Go come! Sit down hea on dis good seat!” But you tell da pooa guy, “Eh, you! Stan ova dea!” o, “Sit down on da floor by my feets!” You guys ony make nice nice to some peopo, an not to odda peopo, cuz you tink dey no look good, an you stay ack jalike one judge. But you guys all wrong, how you tink.
Eh, my good frenz! Lissen! Get peopo inside dis world, an odda peopo tink dey notting, jus cuz dey pooa peopo. But dass da ones dat God pick fo come his peopo, aah? So dey trus him plenny, jalike dey rich inside. Cuz God da King, an dey jalike his kids. He goin give dem all da good kine stuff dat he promise awready to all da peopo dat get love an aloha fo him.
But you guys, you make any kine to da pooa peopo. Eh! Wassamatta you guys? Da rich peopo, dey da ones dat erytime make you guys suffa, an make you do watevas dey like, aah? Dey da ones dat erytime drag you in front da judge. Erytime, dey da guys dat talk bad bout da awesome guy Christ, no matta you his guys, an den!
2:8: Pries 19:18You know you stay do da right ting if you do wat God da King tell you gotta do. Da Rule inside da Bible tell, “You gotta get love an aloha fo da odda guy, jalike you get love fo you.” But if you make nice to some peopo, an not to oddas, da tings God tell his peopo dey gotta do show dat you stay do wass wrong, an you stay broke da Rules From God. 10 Dis wat I mean: Anybody dat do eryting God tell his peopo dey gotta do, but ony jam up one ting, dey still wen broke all da Rules From God, you know. 11  2:11 a: Outa 20:14; Rules2 5:18; b: Outa 20:13; Rules2 5:17Da Rules From God tell, “No fool aroun da odda guy wife.” An, “No murda nobody.” So, even if you no go fool aroun wit nobody, but you go murda somebody, den you still broke da Rules From God.
12 Wen you talk an wen you do someting, no foget dat da Rule dat God goin use fo check you out, dass da Good Stuff God tell us. An dat same Good Stuff From God goin hemo you from doing all da bad kine stuff. 13 Da guy dat make jalike one judge fo da odda peopo, an no give um chance, dat guy no goin get chance wen he stan in front God da Judge. But wen you give da odda guy chance, den no need fo God judge you, an dass mo betta.
Trus God,
An Do Wat He Tell You Fo Do
14 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! So, wat? If one guy ony tell he trus God, but he no do wat God tell um fo do, you tink dass enuff fo da guy get outa da bad kine stuff he awready stay in? No way! He ony stay trussing God wit his mout! 15 If get one braddah o sistah dat no mo clotheses an no mo food fo eat ery day, 16 an den you go tell um, “Aloha! Go come, get warm, an eat up.” But you no give um notting. Laytas wit dat! You guys know dey need all dat kine stuff fo dea body. Wassup wit dat? 17 Same ting, if somebody ony tell he trus God, but same time he no do notting, da buggah no trus God fo real kine, he ony mout!
18 But somebody goin tell: “You trus God, but I do plenny good tings.”
I goin tell dat guy: “Eh! How come you tink lidat? You no can show proof dat you trus God, if you ony talk, but you no stay do good tings. Ony get one way you goin know dat I stay trus God—wen I stay do good tings! Den you goin know fo shua dat I trus God.” 19 I know you stay shua az fo real kine, dat get ony one God. Az good den! But da bad kine spirits stay shua az fo real kine too. Az why dey stay sked an shaking all ova! 20 Wot! You pupule o wat?! If you trus God, but den, you no do good tings, az no good. You tink I gotta show proof a dat, o wat?
21  2:21: Start 22:1-14“Abraham, da ancesta guy dat all us Jew guys come from, he wen do wat God tell him fo do wen he put his boy Isaac on top da altar fo make one sacrifice to God. Az why God tell, ‘Dis guy, he get um right wit me.’ 22 You no can figga? Abraham wen trus God, an he wen do someting too—he put Isaac on top da altar. An dis ting he do help him fo trus God to da max. 23  2:23 a: Start 15:6; b: 2Rec 20:7; Isa 41:8So dis wen happen jalike da Bible tell: ‘Abraham trus God, so God make Abraham get um right wit him.’ An God tell, ‘Abraham, he my fren.’ 24 Az right, aah? Now you can see dat not enuff fo ony trus God an no do notting. You gotta go do someting too, if you like God fo tell dat you get um right wit him.”
25  2:25: Josh 2:1-21Same ting wit Rahab, da wahine from befo time dat fool aroun fo money. Wen she let da Israel army guys hide inside her house, she tell dem fo go back one diffren way so dey no get kill. Dass was da right ting fo her do. Az why God tell she get um right wit him.
26 So den, da body, if no mo spirit inside, stay mahke. Same ting, if you ony trus God, but you no do good tings, den eh! jalike you mahke inside awready, you no mo da real kine life inside you.

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