Rahab Take Kea Da Spy Guys
2:1: Heb 11:31; James 2:25Da Canaan peopo neva know, but Joshua, Nun boy, sen two guys from Koa Tree Town fo scope out da land, fo find out how stay. He tell um, “Go find out how da land stay, da odda side Jordan. Scope um out. Jericho da main town us guys need fo know bout.”
So dey go ova dea. Dey go by one hoa. Her name, Rahab. Dey stay dea. Somebody tell da Jericho king, “You know wat?! Some Israel guys wen come hea afta da sun go down, fo find out how oua land stay!” Da Jericho king sen somebody by Rahab fo tell her, “Bring outside da guys dat wen come yoa house, cuz dey stay come fo scope out all oua land.” But Rahab wen hide da guys awready. She tell da king, “Dass true dey wen come by me. But I neva know wea dey come from. Wen litto mo ready fo come dark outside, an da peopo stay ready fo close da town gate, da guys wen go way, an me, I donno wat way dey go. Quick, go run afta dem! Maybe you can catch um up!” (But befo time, you know, she wen take dem up on top da flat roof, an hide um unda some flax plants dat stay pile up dea.) So da Jericho guys start fo run afta da Israel guys. Dey go da road wea peopo go across da Jordan Riva. Wen da Jericho guys go outa da town gate, odda Jericho guys close da gate.
Da Israel guys neva sleep still yet, an Rahab come by dem on top da roof. She tell um, “I know Da One In Charge wen give you guys dis land awready. An I know, all us guys stay real sked a you guys. Erybody dat stay live hea stay shaking cuz us real sked! 10  2:10 a: Outa 14:21; b: Census 21:21-35We hear dat Da One In Charge wen dry up da Red Sea fo you guys wen you come outa Egypt. An we hear wat you guys wen do to da two kings fo da Amor peopo da odda side a da Jordan Riva, Sihon an Og—you guys wen wipe um out jalike dey one sacrifice fo Da One In Charge. 11 Wen we hear dat, us lose fight, an no mo nobody like do notting agains you guys. Cuz yoa God, Da One In Charge, he da ony God in da sky up dea an on top da earth down hea. 12 Now, cuz I wen take kea you guys, try help me! You guys gotta make one promise in front Da One In Charge, dat you guys goin take kea my ohana. Make dat promise an give me one sign 13 dat you guys no goin kill my faddah o my muddah, my braddahs o my sistahs, an all dea ohana. You guys goin make shua us no goin mahke, aah?!” 14 Da Israel guys tell her, “Us guys promise, dat if yoa ohana mahke, den us two guys goin mahke too. If you no tell nobody wat us guys wen come hea fo do, fo shua us guys make one strong promise fo take kea yoa ohana, wen Da One In Charge give us dis land.”
15 Den Rahab put um down from one window wit one rope, cuz one wall a her house was da town wall too. 16 Befo she let um go, she tell um, “Go up da hills, fo da guys dat stay chase you guys no find you. Stay ova dea three days, till dose guys come back hea. Den you guys can go back by yoa peopo.”
17-18 An da Israel guys tell her, “Us guys goin come inside yoa land fo fight. Wen us come, you gotta tie dis red rope fo hang outside dis same window wea you goin put us down outside da wall right now. An bring yoa faddah an muddah, yoa braddah guys, an all yoa ohana inside yoa house. If you no do dose two tings, God goin hemo us guys from da promise you wen make us make to you! 19 If any a yoa ohana peopo go outside yoa house, an get kill on da street, dey da ones goin get da blame fo dat, not us. But if whoevas hurt yoa ohana dat stay inside da house wit you guys, den us goin get da blame fo dat. 20 An dis too: if you tell somebody wat us guys goin do, God goin hemo us from da promise you wen make us make.” 21 Rahab tell dem, “Kay den, do um jalike you guys tell.”
Den Rahab sen dem away. Dey go. An she tie da red rope fo hang outside da window.
22 Da two Israel guys, dey go up da hills an stay dea three days. Da Jericho guys dat wen go chase dem look all ova da road, an no find dem, so dey go back.
23 Den da two Israel guys come back down da hill an cross ova da Jordan Riva. Dey go by Joshua, Nun boy, an tell him da story, eryting dey wen find out. 24 Dey tell Joshua, “Da One In Charge stay give us all da land fo take ova. An all da peopo ova dea stay jalike dey melting in front us, cuz dey real sked!”

2:1 2:1: Heb 11:31; James 2:25

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