Da Ones Dat Hate Da Jerusalem Peopo
Attack Dem
(Mark 11:29)
“Quick! You Benjamin ohana peopo, run, go hide!
Run away from inside Jerusalem!
Blow da sheep horn trumpet inside Tekoa town!
Light da signal fire ova Bet-Hakkerem town!
Cuz get bad kine guys stay come from da north side
Fo come bus us up an wipe us out!
Jerusalem town stay jalike one nice looking wahine
Dat know how fo dress fancy kine.
Still yet, I goin wipe out Jerusalem!
King guys goin bring dea armies
Fo attack Jerusalem town,
Jalike dey sheep guys
Dat bring dea sheeps an goats ova dea.
Dey goin put up tents all aroun Jerusalem.
An ery army get one place fo put dea camp.
“Dey goin tell: ‘Make da sacrifices
Fo get ready fo fight Jerusalem!
Stan up! Us go attack dem noon time!’
But den dey goin tell:
‘Bummahs! Stay too late awready!
Da sun stay low, stay evening time awready!
So den, get ready! We goin go attack nite time.
We goin bus up dea strong wall!’ ”
Dis wat Da One In Charge tell, da God Ova All Da Armies:
“Cut down da trees aroun Jerusalem town,
Pile up dirt dea fo go ova da wall!
Time fo da peopo inside Jerusalem fo get punish.
Cuz erybody inside dea back stab each odda.
Jalike plenny watta come outa one spring,
Az how plenny bad kine stuff come outa da Jerusalem peopo.
I ony hear
Who get hurt o who get wipe out.
Dass all I hear!
I see dat all da time
Da peopo dea stay sick an hurt.
You Jerusalem peopo betta lissen up right now!
O I goin had it wit you guys.
An I goin wipe you guys out
Fo no mo nobody live inside yoa land.”
Dis wat Da One In Charge, da God Ova All Da Armies, tell:
“Da army guys goin take away da Israel peopo,
Jalike wen somebody harves grapes from da grape plants,
An den odda peopo come fo pick up wat still stay on top dea.
But dey goin leave some peopo hea.
So you, Jeremiah, make jalike one good grape farma,
Check out da branches one mo time,
Fo find an help da ones dat still stay dea.”
10 But I tell Da One In Charge:
“No mo nobody hea dat I can tell
Fo watch out bout dat kine trouble!
Nobody goin lissen me!
Dea ear no stay open. Az why dey no can hear.
Dey ony make deaf ear.
Dey tink Da One In Charge stay talk harsh kine to dem,
An cuz a dat dey no like hear wat he tell um.
11 But you Da One In Charge,
An you tell ‘Laytas’ to wat dey do,
An I feel da same ting!
Az why I gotta tell someting!”
Da One In Charge tell me:
“Tell erybody I stay huhu wit dem!
Jalike you stay dumping watta all ova da place!
Tell da kids in da street,
An da young guys dat hang out togedda!
Tell da husbans an wifes,
Even da real ol peopo too!
12 Odda peopo goin take ova dea houses,
Dea fields, an dea wifes, eryting dey get!
Dat goin happen wen I use my powa
Agains da peopo dat live inside dis land.
Az da message from Da One In Charge.
13 “From da guys dass not importan to da importan guys,
Erybody stay greedy fo get plenny stuffs.
Da guys dat make jalike dey talk fo me, an da pries guys,
Dey all bulai peopo fo get stuff.
14  6:14: Ezek 13:10Jalike my peopo all bus up an bleeding,
But dem guys ony put small kine bandage,
Cuz dey tink dey ony small kine hurt.
Dey tell, ‘No worry, eryting stay okay!’
But no stay okay.
15  6:15: Jer 8:10-12You tink dey come shame fo da pilau kine stuff dey do?!
No way! Dey no mo shame!
Dey no even know how fo ack jalike dey shame.
Az why dey goin get kill same time da odda peopo get kill.
Dey goin fall down wen I punish dem.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
Da Israel Peopo No Like Go God Way
16 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell his peopo:
“Stop wen you get to da place wea two roads come togedda an look.
Aks bout da ol trails,
How peopo wen live befo time.
Aks bout how fo find da good way.
Den go live dat way!
Dass how you guys goin learn how fo live fo no mo notting bodda you.
But you guys tell, ‘Us no like live dat way!’
17 I wen pick watcha guys fo take kea you guys.
I wen tell um, ‘Make shua you guys lissen
Wen dey blow da sheep horn trumpet
Fo tell da peopo watch out!’
But you guys tell, ‘Us no goin lissen!’
18 Az why I tell, ‘Lissen up, all you diffren peopos,
Scope um out, all you peopo dat see wat stay happening,
Fo you know wat goin happen to dem.
19 Lissen, all you peopo on top da earth!
Dis wat I stay do:
I stay make bad kine stuff happen to dis peopo.
Da same ting dey make plan fo do, goin happen to dem,
Cuz dey no bodda fo lissen wat I tell dem.
Dey hate my rules.
20 You guys tink I like da incense from Sheba
Dat you burn fo me?! No way!
You tink I like da sweet calamus reed from one far place
Dat you bring fo me?! Not even!
I tell “Laytas” to yoa burn up kine sacrifices!
Yoa odda kine sacrifices no make me feel good inside!’ ”
21 Az why Da One In Charge tell dis:
“I da One goin make da peopo all jam up.
Da faddahs an dea boys goin get wipe out same time.
Frenz an peopo nea dem goin mahke.”
22 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell:
“Look! Get army guys stay come from da north side.
Peopo from da mos far part a da world
Stay make ready fo war.
23 Dey get bow an arrow an short sword fo fight.
Dey like hurt peopo, an dey no give nobody chance.
Wen dey ride on dea horses,
Dey soun jalike da loud noise from da ocean.
Dey all line up ready fo fight,
An az you guys, da Jerusalem peopo, da ones dey stay coming afta!”
24 I tell: “Us wen hear stuff bout dem awready,
An we lose fight.
Us worry plenny, an dat make us come weak.
We hurt jalike one wahine dat stay born one bebe.
25 No go out inside da fields.
No walk on top da roads.
Cuz da guys dat come fo fight you get swords.
Dey stay come from ery side, so stay real sked!
26 My peopo, you betta put on burmbag kine clotheses
An lay down on top da ashes fo show you stay sad inside!
Stay sore inside an cry plenny,
Jalike yoa ony boy wen mahke!
Cuz wen you tink dey no stay come,
Da army guys dat goin wipe us out goin come!”
God Check Out Da Peopo
27 Da One In Charge tell: “Eh Jeremiah, I make you jalike one guy dat melt real hot metal.
Fo tes if da metal get junks inside o no mo junks inside.
My peopo, dey jalike da metal you goin melt.
So you goin watch wat dey do
Fo tes how dey ack.”
28 Den I tell Da One In Charge:
“All dem guys bag from you!
Dey stay hard head,
Jalike dea head bronze an iron metal.
Ery place dey go, dey tell bad kine stuff bout you.
All a dem guys make eryting come pilau!
29 Az jalike one ledda bag you use fo blow da fire real strong
Fo burn up da junks fo clean da metal,
But still yet, wase time, fo get da good kine metal,
Cuz da fire no stay hot enuff fo burn out da junks.
Da bad guys still stay dea!
30 Dey jalike da silva dat nobody can use.
Cuz Da One In Charge tell ‘Laytas’ to dem!”

6:14 6:14: Ezek 13:10

6:15 6:15: Jer 8:10-12