Job Squawk To God
“Eh God! Erybody in da world get hard work dey gotta do.
Dey live jalike dey ony worka guys.
Dey all jalike slave guys dat fo real kine like stay in da shade but no can.
O jalike one guy dat gotta wait till his boss pay him.
Az how God give me months wen I stay wait fo notting.
Ery nite I stay bum out.
Wen I lay down I tink, ‘How long befo I get up?’
But da nite go real slow, an I ony roll aroun too much
Till da light start fo come.
My body get worms an dirty scabs all ova.
My skin get plenny sores an da pus come out slow.
“My days go mo fas den da stick da weava guys use.
My time pau, an no mo notting fo me wait fo.
God, no foget dat my life stay jalike one wind dat blow ony short time!
No way I goin stay good inside even one mo time.
Whoeva see me now, bumbye dey no goin see me no moa.
You goin look fo me, but I goin be gone awready!
Jalike one cloud go way, an no stay no moa,
Az how happen wit peopo dat go da Mahke Peopo Place.
Dey no come back.
10 Dey no goin dea house no moa,
Jalike dea place donno dem.”
Job No Goin Stay Quiet
11 “An az why I no goin hold back wat I like tell.
I goin talk cuz I stay sad inside.
I goin squawk cuz I stay bum out.
12 You tink I jalike da ocean, o wat?
O you tink I da sea monsta inside da ocean?
An dass how come you gotta watch me jalike one security guard, o wat?
13 Wen I tink my bed goin make me feel good inside,
An if I lay down on my couch,
Dat goin make me no grumble real loud,
14 Even den you make me sked wit bad kine dreams.
You make me see someting real skery jalike was one nitemare.
15 Mo betta somebody choke my neck fo me mahke!
Az mo betta den stay inside dis body!
16 I hate my life!
I no like stay alive long time.
If I mahke, no bodda me!
Cuz my life no mean notting!
17  7:17: Songs 8:4; 144:3“How come you ack jalike peopo importan?
How come you worry bout all us guys? No need!
18 You check us out ery morning,
An tes us all da time!
19 How come you no back off from me,
An no let me stay alone even one short time?
20 If I wen do one bad kine ting, dat no goin do notting to you.
You da One dat watch peopo!
How come you make me yoa target fo shoot?!
How come I one heavy load you gotta carry?!
21 How come you no hemo da shame I get cuz I do bad kine stuff?!
An let me go from da wrong tings I wen do?!
Cuz pretty soon I goin be inside da dirt!
Wen you look fo me, I no goin stay no moa!”

7:17 7:17: Songs 8:4; 144:3