Job Stay Talk
Job no pau talk yet. Dis wat he tell:
“Fo shua God stay alive. But he take away my rights!
Da God Dat Get All Da Powa, he make me come all jam up!
As long as I stay alive,
An can breave da way God make me,
I no goin tell notting bad,
An I no goin bulai.
Me, no ways I goin tell dat you three guys stay right!
Till I mahke, I no goin tell I wen do someting bad,
Wen I neva do notting bad!
I goin stay strong fo tell dat I do da right ting,
An I no goin change my mind.
I stay shua nobody can poin finga me all da time I stay alive.
“I like da guys dat stay agains me,
Get wat da bad guys get.
An I like da guys dat attack me,
Get wat da guys dat no do da right ting get.
Da guys dat ack jalike God no matta,
Wat dey goin wait fo, wen God cut dem off, aah?!
O wat dey goin do wen God take away dea life?
You tink God goin lissen
Wen dey yell fo help cuz dey get real hard time?
No ways!
10 Da guys dat ack jalike God no matta,
You tink dey goin stay good inside
Wen dey tink bout Da God Dat Get All Da Powa?! Not!
You tink dey goin aks God fo help um erytime?!
Not even!
11 “I goin teach you guys bout da powa God get.
I no goin hide wat da Good God Dat Get All Da Powa stay do.
12 Fo shua, all you guys wen see dis kine stuff happen too.
So, how come you guys no make sense?!
13 “I goin tell you wat God goin give to da bad kine peopo.
Dis wat da real mean guys goin get from Da God Dat Get All Da Powa:
14 No matta how plenny kids dey get, dey all goin get kill wit swords.
Dea kids no goin get enuff fo eat, eva!
15 If get kids dat stay alive afta dea faddah mahke,
Da kids goin mahke from one real bad kine sick.
An dea widows no goin cry fo dem.
16 No matta da bad kine peopo pile up silva jalike was dirt,
An pile up fancy kine clotheses jalike was clay,
17 Da fancy kine clothes da bad guys pile up, da peopo dat do wass right goin wear um.
An da peopo dat neva do notting wrong goin get dea silva stuffs.
18 Da house da bad kine guys build stay weak, jalike one buttafly cocoon.
Dea house stay jalike da grass shack one guy build fo guard wat he plant.
19 Da bad guys get plenny rich kine stuffs wen dey go sleep.
But wen dey wake up, eryting gone!
20 Skery kine stuff happen to dem,
Jalike wen da big watta come,
Jalike one big storm wind grab dem an blow um away nite time.
21 Da wind from da east side take dem away,
An dey gone awready.
Da wind wipe um out!
22 Da wind slam agains dem an no give um chance.
Too strong fo dem run away!
23 Jalike da wind clap hands an make fun a dem,
An hiss wen he blow um outa dea place.”