God Stay Talk
41:1: Songs 74:14; 104:26; Isa 27:1; Rome 11:35“You tink you can pull in one big Leviatan kine sea monsta wit one fish hook, o wat? No ways!
You tink you can tie down his mout wit one rope?
You tink you can put one rope aroun his jaw?
O make one puka in his jaw wit one big hook?
You tink da Leviatan goin beg you ova an ova fo give um chance?
You tink he goin talk to you real nice?
You tink he goin make one deal wit you,
Fo let you make him yoa slave till he mahke?
You goin make him yoa pet jalike he one small bird?
O tie him on one rope jalike one toy fo yoa girls?
You tink da trader guys goin like buy him?
You tink dey goin split um up fo all da trader guys get one piece?
You goin stab him all ova wit spears?
O stab his head wit fish kine spears?
You even go touch one Leviatan monsta, you no goin foget dat fight, eva!
No ways you goin do dat one mo time!
If you tell, ‘I stay shua I goin win ova him,’ dat show you bulai!
If you even look at him, you goin come bum out!
10 No mo nobody pupule enuff fo make da Leviatan like fo fight.
So den, who goin face me, Da One In Charge, if no can face dat one?
11 Who can tell dat me, Da One In Charge, owe dem someting an I gotta pay?
Cuz eryting unda da sky, az mines!
12 “Fo shua I goin talk bout da Leviatan monsta legs,
An tell bout da tings he do cuz he strong,
An how awesome he look.
13 Nobody can take off his skin.
Nobody can poke him inside da skin,
Cuz he get two laya body armor.
14 Nobody goin try open his mout,
Dat get real skery teets all aroun.
15 Da scales on his back, dey rows a shields.
Dey stick to each odda.
16 Ery shield stay real nea da oddas,
An da air no can go thru um.
17 Ery shield stick to da nex ones.
Dey grab each odda an you no can broke um.
18 Wen da Leviatan monsta make noise, jalike light flash outa his eyes.
His eyes jalike da rays from da morning sun.
19 Jalike fire come outa his mout.
Jalike da sparks shoot out from dea.
20 Smoke come out from his nose,
Jalike one pot boil wen you burn reeds.
21 He breave an da coals start fo burn.
Da fire come outa his mout.
22 His neck real strong.
Wen peopo see him coming, dey lose fight.
23 Even da parts a his body dat hang down stick togedda.
Dey mo hard den iron. You no can move um.
24 His ches hard jalike one big rock.
An hard jalike da bottom stone fo one mill.
25 Wen he jump up fo grab food,
Even da gods come sked.
Wen he splash back down,
Dey come futless.
26 Da swords dat reach him no hurt him notting.
Same ting fo spears, darts, o arrows.
27 He make to da iron metal jalike az da junk kine stuff from da wheat.
An he make to da bronze metal jalike az rotten wood.
28 He no run away from da arrows.
Da stones from da sling no hurt him mo den da junk kine stuff from da wheat.
29 Fo him, da club not heavy.
Mo jalike da junk kine stuff from da wheat.
He laugh wen he hear somebody grab one light spear fo throw.
30 Da scales undaneat his belly real sharp,
Jalike pieces from one crack up clay pot.
He leave one big mark in da mud,
Jalike da kine board wit sharp nails undaneat
Dat split da wheat from da junk kine stuffs.
31 Wen da Leviatan go down inside da deep watta,
He make da deep watta spin aroun
Jalike wen watta boil inside one pot.
He stir up da watta
Jalike one pot fo stir ointmen.
32 He leave one shining trail in back a him.
Make you tink da deep watta get white hair.
33 No mo notting on da earth jalike da Leviatan monsta!
Me, God, wen make um fo be da one ting dat no sked notting!
34 All da high makamaka animals sked a da Leviatan!
He da king ova all da proud wild animals.”

41:1 41:1: Songs 74:14; 104:26; Isa 27:1; Rome 11:35