Job Talk To Da One In Charge
Den Job tell Da One In Charge:
“I know fo shua you can do eryting.
No mo nobody can jam up wat you plan fo do.
42:3: Job 38:2You tell, ‘Who dis dat jam up wat I tell,
Wen I tell peopo wass good fo dem do.
Who dis dat talk plenny, but donno notting?’
Dass me! Fo shua I wen talk bout stuff dat I neva undastan.
Stuff dass too awesome fo me!
42:4: Job 38:3“You wen tell, ‘Lissen up. I da one goin talk.
I goin aks you one questions, an you goin let me know wat you ansa.’
I wen hear bout you befo time,
But now I see you fo real kine.
Az why now I pau poin finga you!
I goin change my attitude!
An fo show I sorry,
I stay sit in da dirt an ashes.”
God Do Good Tings Fo Job
Afta Da One In Charge pau tell Job all dis, he tell Elifaz from Teman, “I stay plenny huhu wit you an yoa two frenz! Cuz you guys neva tell wat stay shua bout me, da way my worka guy Job tell um. So now, you guys gotta take seven young bulls an seven rams, an go by my worka guy Job. Den make one burn up kine sacrifice fo you guys ova dea. My worka guy Job goin pray fo you guys, an I goin lissen wat he pray. Den I no goin give you guys one hard time fo da stupid kine stuff you guys wen do agains me. You guys neva tell wat stay shua bout me, da way my worka guy Job tell um.”
So Elifaz from Teman, Bildad from Shuh, an Zofar from Naamat do wat Da One In Charge wen tell um fo do, an Da One In Charge lissen wat Job pray fo dem.
10  42:10: Job 1:1-3Afta Job pray fo his frenz, Da One In Charge make eryting come good fo him one mo time. Da One In Charge even give him double wat he get befo time. 11 All his braddahs an sistahs, an erybody dat know him from befo time, come eat wit him inside his house. Dey make him stay good inside bout all da trouble dat Da One In Charge make happen to him. Erybody give him one piece silva an one gold ring.
12 Da One In Charge do plenny good tings fo Job afta dat, mo den befo time. He get fourteen tousan sheeps, six tousan camels, one tousan pair cows, an one tousan donkeys. 13 An he get seven boys an three girls. 14 He name his firs girl Dove, da nex girl Cinnamon, an da third girl Pretty Eyes. 15 No mo wahines inside da whole land dat stay mo beautiful den Job girls. An Job, dea faddah, give dem dea shares a his property jalike he give dea braddahs.
16 Afta dat, Job stay alive one hundred forty year. He see his kids, an his grankids, an his great-grankids. Az four generation! 17 Dass how Job mahke. He get good life fo long time.

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