Da One In Charge Talk
Den Da One In Charge ansa back Job from inside one real strong wind storm. He tell:
“Eh Job! Who you dat jam up wat I tell az good fo do?
You talk but you donno wat you stay talking about!
Come strong, jalike you ready fo work hard! Cuz I goin aks you questions.
An you goin let me know wat you tink!
“Wea you wen stay wen I put da foundation fo da world?
Tell me, if you undastan all dat!
Who mark how big da world goin be?
Who stretch out da line fo measure um?
You tink you know, o wat?!
Wat get undaneat da bases fo da world?
Who put da corna block fo line um up?
Az was da time all da morning stars wen sing togedda,
An all da peopo inside da sky wit me God,
Dey yell cuz dey stay good inside!
38:8: Jer 5:22“Who put doors fo stop da ocean,
Da time da ocean bus outa da muddah belly?
Dass wen I put da clouds fo come jalike da bebe clotheses fo da ocean,
An wrap up da ocean inside thick dark kine clouds.
10 Az was da time I put da shore breaks fo show how far da ocean goin come,
Jalike I put up doors wit bars behind um.
11 I tell da ocean,
‘Go come up to hea, but dass it.
Dis wea yoa awesome waves goin stop!’
12 “From da time you born till now,
You wen tell da morning wat time fo come, o wat?
You make shua da early morning come up da east side, o wat?
13 You can make da morning time grab da edges a da earth jalike one blanket, o wat?
An shake um fo da bad kine peopo fall out?
14 Da morning change how da world look,
Jalike wen you press one seal mark on top wet clay,
An den da clay look diffren.
O jalike da wrinkles in one cloth
Show up wen da light come.
15 Da bad kine guys no can get light.
Dey put up dea arm fo bus up peopo,
But now dea arm stay broke.
16 “You wen go by da watta springs unda da ocean,
Wea da watta come from fo fill up da ocean, o wat?
You wen walk aroun inside da mos deep places on da bottom a da ocean, o wat?
17 Somebody wen show you da gates fo da Mahke Peopo Place, o wat?
You wen see da gates fo go inside da dark shadows wea da mahke peopo stay, o wat?
18 You wen tink bout how big an wide da earth stay, o wat?
Tell me if you know all dat.
19 “Wea da road fo go wea da light come from?
An wea da dark place stay?
20 You can bring dem to dea places?
You know da roads fo dea places?
21 Fo shua you gotta know dat cuz you wen born befo dem!
Plenny year, you wen live!
22 “You wen go inside da places wea I stash da snow?
You wen see da places wea da hail stay?
23 I hold um back dea fo wen da trouble come.
Fo da time fo war an fo fight.
24 Wea da road fo go da place wea I sen out da lightning?
Wea da place wea da wind start,
Wen he come from da east side an go all ova da place?
25 “Who cut da ditch wea da big rain come from?
An make da road fo da lightning an thunda in da storm?
26 Who make da rain fo da land wea nobody live?
Fo da boonies wea nobody stay?
27 Who give plenny watta to da land wea nobody live,
An make grass come up ova dea?
28 You tink da rain get one faddah, o wat?
Who da faddah fo da dew drops?
29 Who da muddah fo da ice?
Who born da fros from da sky?
30 Dass wen da watta come hard jalike one stone,
An da top a da ocean freeze.
31  38:31: Job 9:9; Amos 5:8“You tink you can tie up da Seven Sistah stars togedda, o wat?
You tink you can hemo da ropes fo da Orion stars, o wat?
32 Wen dea time come,
You tink you can lead out ery star picha inside da sky, o wat?
Da Big Dippa an da odda stars aroun um too?
33 You know da rules fo how da sky work, o wat?
You tink you can make da same rules work on top da world?
34 “You tink you can yell to da clouds
Fo get da flood watta fo cova you up?
35 You tink you can sen da lightnings wea you like um fo go,
An dey go dea?
Da lightnings, dey tell you, ‘Us ready fo go!’ o wat?
36 Who make somebody come fo dem know inside wat fo do erytime?
Who make dea head undastan stuff?
37 Who smart enuff fo count da clouds?
Who can spill da watta jars dat get inside da sky fo make rain?
38 Cuz need rain wen da dry dirt come hard,
An da dirt pieces stick togedda?
39 “You tink you can hunt da food fo da wahine lion?
You tink you can find enuff food fo da odda lions dat stay hungry?
40 You tink you can do dat wen dey wait inside dea cave?
An wen dey hide inside da tall grass fo jump odda animals?
41 Who give food to da scavenja bird
Wen dea bebes cry to me, God, fo food,
An go all ova da place cuz no mo food?”

38:8 38:8: Jer 5:22

38:31 38:31: Job 9:9; Amos 5:8