Joshua Tell Da Leada Guys Aloha
Den afta long time, afta Da One In Charge let da Israel peopo res from fight all da peopo dat stay agains dem, an dat live aroun dem, Joshua dat time stay real ol. He tell all da Israel peopo fo come by him—dea older leadas, odda leadas, local leada guys, an officers. He tell dem, “I stay real ol, you know. You guys see all da stuff oua God, Da One In Charge, wen do to da peopos aroun you. He do um fo help you guys. Oua God Da One In Charge, he da One wen fight fo you guys. No foget how I give da land from all da peopos dat stay hea still yet to yoa ohanas, fo come yoa property. I wen win ova dose peopos. Dat land go from da Jordan Riva one side, to da Mediterranean Sea da west side. Oua God Da One In Charge goin push dem outa yoa way in front you guys. Den you guys goin make dea land yoa property, jalike yoa God, Da One In Charge, wen make one promise to you guys.
“Come strong. Make shua you do eryting dat stay write inside da Book Fo Da Rules From Moses. No turn away to da right side o da lef side. No make frenz wit da peopos dat stay hea still yet. No talk bout dea gods, an no use dea god names fo make one strong promise. No go work fo dose gods o go down in front dem. But you guys gotta stay tight wit oua God, Da One In Charge, jalike you stay do till now.
“Da One In Charge wen take away da land from big an strong peopos in front you guys. Till today no mo nobody wen win ova you guys. 10  23:10 a: Rules2 32:30; b: Rules2 3:22One a you guys make one tousan guys run away, cuz oua God, dass Da One In Charge a us, fight fo you guys, jalike he wen tell he goin do. 11 So make shua dat you get love an aloha fo yoa God, Da One In Charge.
12 “But if you guys turn away, an make frenz wit da guys dat stay still yet from dose peopos, an you marry dea wahines an hang out wit dem an dey hang out wit you guys, 13 den fo shua yoa God, Da One In Charge, no goin take away dea property from dose nations, in front you guys. Dey goin come one trap fo you guys. Dey goin whip yoa sides, an poke thorns inside yoa eyes, till you guys come wipe out inside dis good land dat yoa God, Da One In Charge, wen give you guys.
14 “Now litto bit moa, I goin go da way erybody in da world go. So, go all out fo know dis: All da good tings Da One In Charge wen promise fo give you guys, happen awready. You get um all, he neva even broke one promise! 15 But jalike all dat good stuff wen happen, yoa God, Da One In Charge, can make all kine bad stuff happen to you guys too. He can even wipe you guys out from dis good land dat yoa God wen give you! 16 If you guys go agains da deal yoa God, Da One In Charge, wen make wit you guys fo tell you wat you gotta do, an if you guys go way from him an work fo odda gods, an go down in front odda gods, an work fo dem, den he goin come real huhu wit you guys. Real fas you guys goin come wipe out inside da good land he wen give you guys!”

23:10 23:10 a: Rules2 32:30; b: Rules2 3:22