Jerusalem Afta Da Babylon Guys
Take Um Ova
Bummahs! Oua bestes peopo stay jalike gold dat no shine no moa,
Jalike pure gold dat no worth notting!
Da jewelry stones from da Temple
Stay scatta all ova da streets.
Da ones dat born Zion side worth plenny, jalike gold.
But now dey ony worth one clay pot dat some guy make.
Even da wild dogs feed dea bebes,
But my peopo no a rip, dey no take kea dea bebes.
Jalike da big ostrich birds inside da boonies.
Cuz da bebes stay thirsty, dea tongue stick to da top a dea mout.
Da kids beg fo food, but nobody give dem even litto bit.
Da peopo dat wen eat fancy kine food befo time,
Now dey stay live on da streets an no mo notting fo eat.
Da ones dat wen grow up in fancy kine clotheses befo time,
Now dey lay on top da rubbish piles.
4:6: Start 19:24Da One In Charge punish my peopo
Mo worse den da Sodom peopo wen get punish
Fo da bad tings dey wen do.
Sodom town come wipe out real fas,
No matta nobody attack um.
Da Jerusalem guys dat make da Nazir kine promise
Wen look mo bright den da snow
An mo pure den da milk.
Dea bodies look good an strong,
Jalike da red coral
An da blue lapis lazuli stone.
But now dea face mo black den da charcoal.
You see um in da streets, you donno who dem.
Dea skin stay all any kine on top da bones.
All dry jalike one stick.
Mo betta mahke from war,
Den mahke cuz no mo notting fo eat.
Dey stay wasted cuz dey real hungry
Cuz no mo notting fo eat from da fields.
10  4:10: Rules2 28:57; Ezek 5:10Even da wahines dat get love an pity
Cook dea kids.
Dey even eat dem,
Wen my peopo come all bus up an wipe out.
11 Da One In Charge come real huhu wit dem.
He tell “Laytas” to wat dey do.
He make one fire inside Jerusalem town,
Dat burn down eryting to da foundations, all ova Zion town.
12 Da king guys all ova da world
No tink az fo real,
An peopo all ova da world
No tink az fo real,
Dat da peopo
Dat stay agains da Jerusalem peopo
Can go inside da Jerusalem wall.
13 All dat happen, cuz da guys dat suppose to talk fo God
Do bad kine stuff,
An da pries guys kill da guys dat do wass right.
14 Az why now, da guys dat suppose to talk fo God an da pries guys
Dey stagga thru da streets,
Jalike da peopo dat no can see.
Dey stay all pilau, cuz get blood all ova dem,
Az why erybody sked fo touch dea clotheses.
15 Da peopo yell at dem, “Go way! You pilau!
Go way! No touch us!”
Wen dey run away an go stagga all ova da odda lands,
Da peopo ova dea tell, “Dey no can stay hea no moa!”
16 Da One In Charge, he da One dat scatta dem all ova da place.
He no take kea dem no moa.
Da pries guys an da older leadas,
Nobody show dem respeck no moa.
17 An oua eyes no can see no moa.
Wase time, we try find somebody fo help us.
We wen watch from da towas
Fo one nation come, but dey no can help us.
18 Guys hunt us wea eva we go.
Fo us no walk inside oua open squares.
Us no mo plenny time fo stay alive.
Us goin mahke real fas.
19 Da guys dat chase us guys run fas.
Mo fas den da eagles inside da sky.
Dey chase us ova da mountains.
Dey wait fo jump us inside da boonies.
20 Da leada guy dat Da One In Charge wen pick, dat make us guys stay alive,
Dey wen catch him inside dea traps.
Us wen tink us goin be one nation
Wit him fo da main guy.
21 You Edom peopo tink you can stay good inside,
You guys dat live inside da Uz land.
But bad tings goin happen to you guys too.
Jalike you guys goin get piloot, an take off all yoa clotheses.
22 You Jerusalem peopo, God goin pau punish you guys.
He no goin make you stay far away long time.
But you Edom peopo, he goin punish you guys fo da bad tings you do,
He goin show erybody da real bad kine stuff you guys do!

4:6 4:6: Start 19:24

4:10 4:10: Rules2 28:57; Ezek 5:10