Trus God An Wait
One David kine song
Da guys dat do bad kine stuff,
No let dem make you come huhu.
An no go tink “I like be
Jalike dem guys
Dat stay do wass wrong.”
Cuz dey goin dry up fas
Jalike da grass.
Dey goin mahke jalike da green grass.
Trus Da One In Charge an do good tings.
Live on top yoa land
An take kea da land.
Stay good inside
Bout wat Da One In Charge stay do,
Den he goin give you
Eryting you like.
Let Da One In Charge handle
Eryting you goin do.
Trus him, an he goin do um.
He goin shine da light
On eryting you stay do dass right
Fo make shua erybody know dis.
An God goin show you do da right ting
In front him, da judge.
An dass jalike wen can see eryting
Real good wen da sun stay strong.
No tell notting, jus wait
In front Da One In Charge.
Hang in dea, an wait
Fo Da One In Charge take kea you.
No come huhu if some odda guy
Stay make plenny money
An no let um bodda you
Wen da peopo make
One no good kine plan an do um.
No come huhu, no come mad.
No let notting bodda you,
Cuz dat ony goin hurt somebody.
Da guys dat do bad kine stuff,
God goin cut um off from him.
But da peopo dat wait
Fo Da One In Charge fo take kea dem,
Dey da ones goin get da land
Da One In Charge wen promise dem.
10 Ony litto bit moa,
An no goin get
Da peopo dat do bad kine stuff.
You goin look all ova da place
Wea dey stay befo,
An dey no goin be dea.
11  37:11: Matt 5:5; 1Pet 5:5-6But da peopo dat no get big head
An no need be da numba one guy,
Dey da ones goin get da land
Dat Da One In Charge wen promise dem,
An dey goin stay good inside
Cuz eryting go good fo dem.
12 Da bad peopo make
One no good kine plan
Agains da peopo dat do
Wass right erytime.
Da bad peopo grind dea teet
Cuz dey so mad wit da good peopo.
13 But da Boss, he ony laugh
At da bad peopo,
Cuz he know dat bumbye
Dey gotta stan in front him, da Judge.
14 Da bad guys, dey pull out dea sword
An make ready dea bows an arrows
Fo kill da guys dat suffa plenny,
An da guys dat no mo notting.
Da bad guys like kill da peopo
dat live da right way.
15 But dose bad guys, God goin make
Dea sword go thru dea heart!
God goin broke dea bows an arrows!
16 No matta da guys dat do wass right
Get ony litto bit stuff,
Dass still mo betta
Den all da stuff da bad guys get.
17 Cuz Da One In Charge,
He goin broke da bad guys arms,
But he goin help da guys
Dat do wass right.
18 Da peopo dat ack
So dat nobody poin finga dem,
Da One In Charge,
He tink plenny bout dem.
Da land he goin give dem
Cuz dey his kids goin stay foeva.
19 Wen eryting stay bad,
Dey no goin come shame.
Wen no mo notting fo eat,
Dey goin get plenny fo eat.
20 But da peopo dat do bad kine stuff,
Dey goin come wipe out.
Da guys dat go agains Da One In Charge,
No goin get dem no moa,
Jalike da grass inside da valley
No mo wen da fire come.
21 Da peopo dat do bad kine stuff,
Wen dey borrow money from you,
Dey no pay you back.
Da guys dat do wass right,
Dey like give stuff to peopo
Fo kokua dem.
22 Da peopo dat Da One In Charge
Do good tings fo,
Dey da ones dat goin get da land
Cuz dey his kids.
Da peopo Da One In Charge
Put kahuna on top dem,
Dey goin get cut off from him.
23 Wen Da One In Charge change somebody
Fo dem come solid,
Da One In Charge stay good inside
Cuz a how da guy ack.
24 No matta da guy trip,
He no goin fall down,
Cuz Da One In Charge
Goin help him stan up.
25 Befo time, I was one small kid,
An now I one ol man.
All dat time, I neva see God foget
Bout nobody dat do da right ting.
I neva see dose guys kids
Stay beg fo get someting fo eat.
26 Da peopo dat do da right ting,
Dey erytime get one good heart
Fo lend stuff to peopo.
Peopo tell, “Wen God wen give kids
To dose good guys,
Was good wat he wen do fo dem!”
27 Get away from da bad kine stuff,
An do good.
Den you goin live on top da land
Da One In Charge give you, foeva.
28 Cuz Da One In Charge,
He like fo peopo do wass right,
An he no foget da peopo
Dat stay tight wit him.
Dose peopo, God goin take kea dem
But da peopo dat do da bad kine stuff,
Even dea kids goin get cut off
From God foeva!
29 Da peopo dat do da right ting,
Dey goin get da land
An dey goin stay live dea foeva.
30 Da peopo dat do wass right,
dey tink plenny,
So den dey know wat fo do erytime.
Dey erytime talk bout
Wat dey suppose to do.
31 Da Rules dat God teach um
Stay inside dem.
Dey no jam up notting.
32 Da guys dat do bad kine stuff
Stay look fo how fo grab
Da peopo dat do da right tings
Fo kill um,
33 But Da One In Charge no goin let
Da bad guys take ova da good guys.
Even if da good guys gotta go
In front da judge,
Da One In Charge
no goin let notting bad happen to dem.
34 Wen you stay wait
Fo Da One In Charge do stuff fo you,
Make shua you do eryting
How he like.
He goin make you come importan
Fo you take ova da land.
An wen he cut off da peopo
Dat do bad tings,
You goin see um happen.
35 One time, I wen see one real bad guy.
Erybody sked a him.
Da guy look solid,
Jalike one tree dat grow good dea
Fo one long time.
36 Den one day, I wen go by dea,
An you know wat?!
No mo da bad guy!
I wen go look fo him,
But no can find um.
37 Go check out da peopo dat do good!
Look da peopo dat do da right ting!
Cuz God goin make eryting go good
Fo dose peopo,
Dea ohana goin stay fo long time.
38 But da peopo dat no like lissen notting,
God goin wipe all dem out one time.
Da bad guys, dea ohana
Goin get cut off from God foeva.
39 Wen da peopo dat do wass right
No can get outa trouble,
Da One In Charge get um outa trouble.
He take kea dem,
Jalike dey get
One strong place fo hide.
40  37:40 Jer 16:19Da One In Charge help dem
An make shua notting happen to dem.
He no let da bad peopo
Do notting to dem,
Cuz da peopo dat do wass right,
Dey aks Da One In Charge
Fo no let notting hurt dem.

37:11 37:11: Matt 5:5; 1Pet 5:5-6

37:40 37:40 Jer 16:19