Di time Joel rite dis book nor dey klear, bikos e nor tok about any partikular king. But di main message for di book plain well-well and Joel use am take diliver pawaful message to Israel pipol. Dis book start to tok about how plenty worms kover and chop evritin for Judah land. Afta Joel don tell di pipol make dem turn from dia sin kom meet God, e kon esplain all wetin di worms trobol mean. Di worms bi like sojas wey dey kom attack pipol as God orda dem to do. Joel tok about God judgement day wey dey kom. E kon fast and pray for di pipol, as e dey tell dem make dem turn from sin kom meet God. E tell di pipol sey God go give dem ten taims of all wetin di worms distroy. E tok about how God go win all di nashons wey dey fight en pipol and E go pour en Spirit on Judah pipol wey go survive. Wen God day don rish and if di pipol turn from dia sin kom meet Am with dia whole heart, evritin wey dem don lost, dem go get dem back and prosper again.
Dis na di message wey God give Joel wey bi Petuel pikin.
Israel Pipol Cry
Una wey bi leaders, make una listin!
Evribody wey dey stay dis land,
make una listin well-well.
Anytin like dis don ever happen for una time
or for una grand-grand papa dem time?
Make una tell una shidren about am
and make dem tell dia own shidren
and dia shidren go tell dia shidren-shidren too.
Ants don chop all wetin wi plant
and as one set dey go,
anoda set dey kom,
until dem go chop and distroy evritin wey remain.
Una wey dey drink anyhow,
make una wake-up bigin kry.
Una wey dey drink wine, make una kry;
bikos dem don distroy di grape
and all una sweet wine don finish.
Many sojas from one strong kountry
don kom attack awa land.
Nobody fit kount dem
and dia tit strong and sharp like lion own.
Dem don distroy awa grapevines
and skata awa fig trees.
Dem tear di trees open,
until di white part for di wood kon dey show.
Make una kry like virgin wey dey mourn
for di man wey e suppose marry.
Di priest dem dey mourn,
bikos wine and korn ofrin
nor dey to offa for di temple again.
10 Di farm don empty; di groun dey mourn,
bikos dem don distroy all di korn.
All di grapes and di olive trees don dry.
11 Una wey bi farmer
and doz wey dey kare for di vineyards,
make una kry,
bikos of una rice and sweet korn.
Yes! All wetin wi plant don skata.
12 Di grape vine and fig trees don dry
and all di oda trees don die too.
True-true, di pipol nor get joy again.
13 Una wey bi priests wey dey serve for di altar,
make una wear sak klot kon kry!
Make una go mourn for di temple till day break,
bikos korn and wine nor dey
wey una go offa give una God!
14 Koll and tell evribody sey make dem fast!
Gada di leaders and all Judah pipol
go meet and kry give God for en temple!
15 God day don near,
di day wen di Almighty go distroy evriwhere.
Dat day go bad well-well!
16 Wi just dey look as dem dey distroy awa food
and wi nor fit do anytin.
Nobody dey happy for God temple again.
17 Di seed dem die for dry groun.
No korn to keep,
so awa store don empty and skata.
18 All di melu dey kry
bikos dem dey hongry
and grass nor dey for dem to chop.
Even di sheep demsef dey sofa.
19 Oga God, na Yu I dey kry to,
so make Yu kom help us!
Di grass and trees don dry rish groun,
bikos fire don burn dem.
20 Even wild animals dey kry,
bikos no wota to drink for anywhere
and fire don burn all di grass finish.