Lokust Wahala
Make yu blow di trumpet,
so dat dem go hear am
for Zion wey bi God holy hill.
Make evribody fear well-well,
bikos God day dey kom.
For dat day, darkness go kover di land
and kloud go full evriwhere!
Strong-strong sojas go kom
and dem go bi like darkness
wey spread kover di mountins.
Dis kind tin neva happen before
and sometin like dis nor go ever happen again.
Dem go distroy evritin wey dem si
like sey na fire burn dem.
For dia front, di land bi like Eden Gardin,
but wen dem don pass,
e go bi like desert for dia back.
Dem go distroy evritin finish.
Dem resemble horse and dem dey run fast-fast
like war horse.
Dem go dey make nois like war horse
wey dey run on-top mountin
and dia nois bi like dry grass
wey fire dey burn.
Dem bi like strong sojas wey ready to go fight.
Evribody dey fear and kry
as dem si dem dey kom.
Dem dey attack pipol like wariors
kon klimb pass wall like sojas.
All of dem dey mash strait dey kom;
dem nor dey bend or waka anyhow
or enter each oda front.
Dem waka pass many trap
and nor-tin fit stop dem.
Dem rush enter di town;
dey run up-and-down for di wall.
Dem klimb kon enter all di house thru window
like sey dem bi tif.
10 Di eart and sky dey shake
as dem dey kom.
Di sun and di moon kon dark wons
and stars nor shine again.
11 God vois bi like tonda as E dey lead en sojas
wey nobody fit kount.
And doz wey dey obey en kommand,
many and strong well-well.
Di day wey God choose go great well-well,
so na who go fit survive am?
Turn Kom Meet God
12 Dis na wetin make God sey,
“Make una turn from sin kom meet mi naw
wey time still dey.
Make una give mi una heart.
Make una fast, kry and mourn
as una dey kom meet mi.
13 Nor bi just to tear una klot,
but make una heart show
sey una don turn from sin kom meet mi.”
Make una kom back kon meet di Oga
wey bi una God.
E dey kind and dey show mesi;
E dey patient and dey keep en promise;
E always dey ready to forgive
and nor bi to ponish pipol.
14 Who know weda di Oga una God go shange en mind
kon bless una with many-many food.
Den una go offa korn and wine gi-am again.
15 Make una blow di trumpet for Mount Zion;
koll di pipol gada kon orda sey make dem fast!
16 Make una gada di pipol;
prepare dem for di holy meetin;
bring di old pipol,
den gada all di shidren too.
Even pipol wey just marry
must kom out from dia bedroom.
17 Make di priest wey dey serve God for di altar,
stand and kry for di temple gate kon sey,
“My Oga God, make Yu sorry for yor pipol.
Nor allow oda nashons hate, laf and ask us sey,
‘Where una God der?’ ”
God Save Di Land
18 Den God go sorry for di land kon pity for en pipol. 19 God go ansa:
“Naw, I go give una korn, wine, olive oil
and una go chop beleful.
Oda nashons nor go laf una again.
20 I go remove di strong sojas wey kom from nort
kon drive dem enter desert.
I go drive dia leaders enter Dead Sea
and doz sojas wey dey lead dem,
I go drive dem enter Mediterranean Sea.
Dia dead body go smell well-well.
I go distroy dem,
bikos of all wetin dem do una.
21 So, make di land nor fear,
instead make una happy well-well,
bikos of wetin God don do for una.
22 Make una animals nor fear.
Di field go get grass;
di trees go bear dia fruit
and fig and grapes go plenty well-well again.
23 Zion pipol, make una happy,
bikos of wetin Oga God do for una.
Bikos E don give una rain.
E send both di early and late rain kom meet una,
just as E dey do before.
24 Korn go full una house;
wine and olive oil go full
where dem for dey press am.
25 Evry of una tin wey lokusts chop and distroy for doz years,
I go give dem back to una,
bikos na mi send doz lokust against una.
26 Una go get plenty food to chop kon beleful.
Una go praiz di Oga una God
wey don do many wonderful tins for una
and nobody go laf my pipol again.
27 Den, una Israel pipol go know
sey I dey with una
and una go sey,
‘Na Yu bi awa God and nobody bi like Yu.’
Nobody go ever laf my pipol again.”
God Day
28 Afta all dis tins, I go put my spirit for una body.
Una shidren go prish my message;
di old pipol among una go dey dream dreams,
while di yong ones go dey si vishon.
29 For dat time, I go pour my spirit for una savants body;
both man and woman.
30 Make I warn una about dat day,
bikos blood, fire and smoke go full evriwhere,
both for di eart and for di sky.
31 Di sun go turn to darkness and di moon go turn to blood.
All dis tins go happen
before di great day wey God don choose,
go kom.
32 And evribody wey koll God name,
go dey save;
bikos on-top Mount Zion,
God go diliver pipol just as E tok.
Dem go survive with doz wey God don koll.