God Go Judge Di Nashons
“For dat time, wen I don make Judah and Jerusalem prosper again,
I go gada and judge di pipol for Jehoshafat Valley,
bikos of wetin dem do my pipol.
Dem skata Israel pipol for evriwhere
kon divide dia land.
Dem trow dice take divide
who go take my pipol as slave.
Dem sell boys and girls as slave
kon use di money take buy wine and karry ashawo.
Tyre, Sidon and Filistia pipol,
wetin una dey do mi?
Una dey try to pay mi back for wetin I do?
If na so, den I go kwik-kwik attack una!
Una take my gold and silva
kon karry all my betta-betta tins go una temple.
Una sell Judah and Jerusalem pipol
give Greek pipol so dat dem go karry dem go far kountry.
But I go bring dem kom back from where una sell dem go.
Na wetin una do dem, na-im I go do una too.
I go make dem sell una shidren give Judah pipol;
dem go sell dem go Sabeans land wey far well-well.
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.”
So make una tell pipol for difren kountry sey:
“Make una ready for war
and koll all una strong-strong men,
den gada dem go fight!
10 Make una do una swod well
kon sharpen una spears.
Even pipol wey weak or nor get pawa,
must fight.
11 All di nashons wey dey round una,
make dem join una as una gada for di valley.”
So, my Oga God,
make Yu send yor sojas kom!
12 Di pipol must ready kom Jehoshafat Valley.
Na for der mi wey bi God go sidan judge all of dem.
13 Dem wiked well-well
and just as dem dey kut korn for harvest time,
na so too I go kut dem trowey
kon mash dem, just as dem dey mash grapes
until di wine kom out finish.
14 Plenty-plenty pipol dey Judgement Valley.
For der, God day go soon kom.
15 Di sun and moon don dark
and di stars nor dey shine again.
God Go Bless En Pipol
16 God vois bi like lion own from Mount Zion;
en vois dey make nois from Jerusalem
and di eart with di sky kon dey shake.
But God go defend and protet en pipol.
17 “Den, Israel pipol, una go know
sey na mi bi di Oga una God.
I dey stay for Zion wey bi my holy hill.
Jerusalem go bi holy town
and strenjas nor go fit win am again.
18 For dat time, sweet wine go dey pour like rain from di mountins
and di hill go flow with milk.
Wota go dey evriwhere Judah,
but river go from God temple rush
go wet Shittim Valley.
19 But Egypt land go bi desert
and na only dirty go dey Edom land,
bikos dem attack Judah kon kill innocent pipol.
20 But pipol go full Judah land forever
and Jerusalem land go dey
from one generashon go rish anoda one.
21 My pipol wey I neva forgive before,
I go forgive dem
and mi wey bi Oga God
go stay for Jerusalem with my pipol.”