Le Devleskero Lav Andre Romaňi Čhib 2019

Romani, Carpathian: Le Devleskero Lav Andre Romaňi Čhib 2019 (New Testament+)

copyright © 2019 The Word for the World International and The Word for the World Slovakia
Language: Romanes
Contributor: Slovak Bible Society

Eastern Slovak Romani New Testament Plus Portions

The Word for the World International

Eastern Slovak Romani belongs to the larger cluster of dialects designated 'Carpathian Romani'. Roma people of Slovakia and the Czech Republic can read and understand the printed text. The audio is also understood by Roma in parts of Poland, Ukraine, and Romania.

Books of the Old Testament are being added as the translation of the Old Testament progresses. Audio of the whole New Testament is available.

The text and audio are accessible on Bible.com; Biblia.sk; Bible.is; Romani.global.bible.

For further information, please contact Project Manager Pierre van Vuuren at [email protected]

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