Saul Wit Da Wahine Dat Talk To Da Mahke Peopo
Dat time da Filisha guys bring all dea army guys togedda fo go fight da Israel guys. Akish tell David, “You undastan, you an yoa guys goin go wit me an be part a my army, fo shua, aah?”
David tell um, “Kay den, boss. If dass wat you like, den you goin know fo shua wat I can do.”
Akish tell, “You do dat, den I goin make you come my bodyguard guy foeva.”
28:3: 1Sam 25:1 28:3: Pries 20:27; Rules2 18:10-11Befo time, wen Samuel mahke, all da Israel peopo wen cry fo him. Dey bury him inside Ramah, his home town. Dat time, Saul wen throw out from da Israel land, da wahines dat can talk to da mahke peopo, an da fortune tella guys.
Da Filisha army guys come togedda an go Shunem town fo make camp. Saul, he bring all da Israel guys togedda, an dey make camp Gilboa side. Wen Saul see da Filisha army, he come all sked an shaking inside. 28:6: Census 27:21He aks Da One In Charge fo tell wat goin happen, but Da One In Charge no tell him notting—not inside his dreams, o wit da Urim da Main Pries Guy use, o from da guys dat talk fo Da One In Charge. Notting! Den Saul tell his helpa guys, “Go find one wahine dat can make da mahke peopo talk to her fo me go by her an aks her.”
Dey tell, “You know wat?! Get dat kine, Endor side!”
So Saul put on odda kine clotheses so nobody know az him. Nite time, him an two odda guys go ova dea by da wahine. He aks da wahine, “Try talk to da mahke peopo fo me fo find out wat goin happen. An bring up fo me, from da Mahke Peopo Place, da guy wit da name I goin tell you.”
But da wahine tell him, “Eh! Fo shua you know wat Saul awready wen do! He throw out da wahines dat talk to da mahke peopo, an da fortune tella guys, all ova da land. So! How come you make one trap fo catch me?! So you make shua I goin mahke, o wat?!”
10 Saul make one strong promise to her in front Da One In Charge. He tell, “Jalike I stay shua Da One In Charge stay alive, same way I stay shua nobody goin punish you cuz a wat you goin do fo me.”
11 So, da wahine aks, “Who you like me bring up fo you?”
He tell, “Samuel!”
12 Right den an dea, da wahine see Samuel! She yell real loud to Saul, “How come you wen bulai me?! I know you! You Saul!”
13 King Saul tell her, “No need come sked! Jus tell me wat you see.”
Da wahine tell, “I see gods coming up outa da groun.”
14 Saul tell, “An Samuel, wat he look jalike?”
She tell, “He one ol guy, wearing one robe, dat stay come up too.”
Saul now know fo shua az Samuel. So he go down an put his face on top da groun fo show Samuel respeck.
15 Samuel tell, “How come you stay bodda me an bring me up hea?”
Saul tell, “I get plenny presha! Da Filisha guys stay fight me. Jalike God tell ‘Laytas’ to me an no lissen you! He no talk to me no moa, no matta I aks da guys dat talk fo him, o I dream. Az why I wen call fo you fo tell me wat fo do.”
16 Samuel tell, “Fo shua, Da One In Charge stay tell ‘Laytas’ to you, an no lissen you. He start fo go agains you awready. So! How come you aks me, aah?! 17  28:17: 1Sam 15:28Da One In Charge stay do fo David, wat Da One In Charge wen tell me fo tell you. Da One In Charge awready wen take away da right fo you be king. An he give um to one guy jalike you—dass David! 18  28:18: 1Sam 15:3-9Cuz you neva lissen Da One In Charge, o do wat he tell you fo do agains da Amalek peopo, da time he stay real huhu agains dem. Az why Da One In Charge stay make lidis fo you today. 19 An one mo ting: Da One In Charge goin let da Filisha guys take ova you an da Israel peopo too. From tomorra, you an yoa boys goin stay wit me, inside da Mahke Peopo Place. An same ting fo da Israel army guys—Da One In Charge goin let da Filisha guys take ova dem.”
20 Saul come real sked cuz a wat Samuel wen tell. Right den an dea Saul go down wit his whole body stretch out on top da groun. He not strong cuz he neva eat notting dat day o dat nite.
21 Den da wahine come by Saul, an see dat someting bodda him plenny. She tell, “You know wat?! You da boss, an I wen lissen you. I figga I was goin mahke, but I wen chance um an do jalike you wen tell me fo do. 22 Now, try lissen me, yoa worka wahine. I goin make litto bit food fo you. Eat um. An dat goin make you come strong fo you go home.”
23 But Saul no like. He tell, “I no goin eat.”
But his helpa guys go wit da wahine, an try fo make him eat too. So he lissen dem. He get up from da groun an sit on top one punee.
24 Da wahine get one bebe cow her house dat she feed plenny fo make um come fat. Right den an dea, she kill da bebe cow an cook da meat. She take some flour, mix um, an bake da kine bread dat no mo yeast. 25 Den she put da meat an da bread in front Saul an his guys an dey eat. Dat same nite dey start fo go back.

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