Paul Tell Aloha To Da Efesus Peopo
Da Good Tings God Do Fo Us Wen We Stay Tight Wit Christ
Paul Pray Fo His Braddahs An Sistahs Efesus Side
You Guys Wen Come Back Alive
We Stay Tight Wit Christ
You Guys One Spesho Temple Fo Da One In Charge
Paul Go To Da Diffren Peopos
Christ Get Love An Aloha Fo Us Guys
Christ Peopo Stay Tight Wit Each Odda
Get Diffren Kine Peopo Inside Christ Ohana
Da Ol Kine Life An Da New Kine Life
How Fo Ack Da New Kine Way
Live Wit Love An Aloha
Live Jalike Da Peopo Dat Stick Wit Da Light
Tell God Spirit Take Charge A You
Da Wife Get Respeck Fo Da Husban
Da Husban Get Respeck Fo Da Wife
Da Kids Get Respeck Fo Dea Faddah-Muddah Guys
Da Faddah Guys Get Respeck Fo Dea Kids
Da Worka Guys Get Respeck Fo Dea Boss Guys
Da Boss Guys Get Respeck Fo Dea Worka Guys
Stan Strong!
Aloha To My Braddahs An Sistahs