Christ Make Sacrifice Ony One Time
(Songs 40:6-8; 110:1; Jeremiah 31:33-34)
Da Rules ony jalike one shadow. Dey not even one good picha a da good kine tings dat goin happen bumbye. Da Rules not da main ting. Dass why da Rules no can eva make da peopo perfeck dat like come tight wit God fo go show him love an respeck. No matta dose peopo make sacrifice ery year, jalike da Rules tell um fo do. Cuz if da Rules wen make dem perfeck, fo shua dey no need make sacrifice, aah? Cuz den da peopo dat show God love an respeck lidat, dey goin come clean inside from dat time, an dey no goin come shame no mo fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, aah? But no was lidat. Da sacrifice dey gotta make, ery year, dat ony make um no foget all da bad kine stuff dey wen do. Cuz da blood from da cows an da goats no mo powa fo hemo da shame fo all da bad kine stuff peopo do!
5-6  10:5-6: Songs 40:6-8You know, wen Christ wen come inside da world, he tell dis:
“God, you no like da sacrifices an da gifs dat dey bring.
Dey kill animals cuz dey sorry dey wen do bad kine tings,
So dey burn da whole animal fo make one sacrifice,
But dat no make you stay good inside.
Dass why you wen make ready fo me come one man.
Den, dis wat Christ tell:
‘Eh, God! I stay hea!
I wen come fo do wat you like me fo do,
Jalike yoa Book tell bout me.’ ”
Firs ting Christ tell,
“You no like sacrifices an gifs dat dey bring
Wen dey kill animals
Cuz dey sorry dey wen do bad kine tings,
An wen dey burn da whole animal fo make one sacrifice,
Dat no make you stay good inside.”
Wen Christ talk lidat, he stay talk bout da stuff da peopo stay do cuz da Rules tell dey suppose to do um. Den Christ tell, “I stay hea. I wen come fo do wat you like.” Christ wen throw out da ol deal fo da new deal take ova. 10 Jesus Christ wen do wat God like him fo do. He wen come one sacrifice fo us wen he bleed an mahke dat one time. Dass how us wen come da peopo dat stay spesho fo God fo real kine cuz a wat Christ wen do.
11  10:11: Outa 29:38An anodda ting, ery day all da pries guys do dea work fo God. Ova an ova dey make da same kine sacrifices. But you know, dose sacrifices no can get throw out da bad kine stuff, eva. 12  10:12: Songs 110:1But dis pries I stay talking bout, Christ, he wen make da sacrifice fo da bad kine stuff dat one time. Den he go sit down ova dea by God, on da right side, da place wea da mos importan guy suppose to sit. 13 From dat time Christ stay wait fo da time wen bumbye God goin make all da peopo dat go agains Christ go down in front him. God do dat fo show dat Christ wen fight an win ova dem. 14 Christ wen make da sacrifice one time, an dat sacrifice wen make erybody come spesho fo God, fo be da peopo dat stay spesho fo God foeva.
15 Da Good An Spesho Spirit tell us da same ting too. Firs he tell dis:
16  10:16: Jer 31:33“Da One In Charge tell,
‘Afta dat time, dis da deal I goin make bumbye fo dem guys.
I goin put my Rules inside dem,
An I goin write um inside dea head.’ ”
17  10:17: Jer 31:34Den he tell,
“I no goin tink bout
Da bad kine stuff dey wen do
An da times dey wen broke my Rules.”
18 An you know, wen God let da peopo go an hemo da shame fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, den no need make anodda sacrifice fo dat no moa.
Now We Goin Come Tight Wit God
(Rules Secon Time 17:2-17; 32:35-36; Habakkuk 2:3-4; Census 15:25-31; Isaiah 26:11, 20)
19 So den, my braddahs an sistahs, now us stay shua we no need hold back fo go any time inside da place dass spesho fo God fo real kine. We get da right fo do dat cuz Jesus wen go bleed an mahke fo us. 20 Befo time, had dis big thick curtain inside da big tent fo no go inside da Real, Real Spesho Place wea God stay. But now, Jesus open up da new way fo us fo go inside wea God stay, cuz Jesus wen go bleed an mahke, an now he stay alive foeva. 21 Us guys get anodda ting: one Main Pries Guy dat stay in charge a God place.
22  10:22: Pries 8:30; Ezek 36:25Az why, us guys goin come tight wit God. Inside, we goin like do wass pono an go all out fo trus God. Cuz God know dat all da bad kine stuff inside us no mo awready. Dass jalike he wen sprinkle us guys clean inside, an wash oua bodies clean wit clean watta. 23 We stay shua dat God goin do good kine stuff fo us bumbye. So us guys goin go all out an no make jalike we not shua bout wat we tell goin happen. Cuz God da One dat wen make one promise dat he goin do good kine stuff fo us, an he erytime do wat he tell he goin do. 24 An we go tink bout how fo help each odda do all kine good kine stuff an show peopo choke love an aloha. 25 No stop come togedda fo meet each odda, jalike some peopo no meet each odda no moa. Mo betta dis: give each odda good kine words, an do um even mo plenny cuz you guys know dat Jesus, Da One In Charge, goin come back real fas.
Watch Out! No Make To God Boy
Jalike He Notting
26 But you know, even afta we know da true stuff from God, an if we stay do da bad kine stuff still yet cuz we like, den no mo sacrifice fo hemo da shame fo all da bad kine stuff we stay do. 27  10:27: Isa 26:11If we no pau do da bad kine stuff, den no mo notting we can do, but ony stay sked. Az cuz us stay waiting fo da time wen God da Judge goin punish us. Dat time goin get one skery fire dat goin burn up all da peopo dat go agains God. 28  10:28: Rules2 17:6; 19:15Befo time, if get one guy dat no like lissen da Rules dat Moses wen write down inside da Bible, an two o three guys wen tell da same ting bout da bad kine ting da guy wen do, den gotta kill da guy. No mo anodda chance fo him. 29  10:29: Outa 24:8Kay den. Get peopo dat make to God Boy jalike he notting, jalike dey spit all ova him. Dey make jalike no mean notting dat Christ wen bleed an mahke cuz he da sacrifice fo dem. Dey even make jalike no matta dass da blood dat God use fo make da New Deal solid, an make dem spesho fo God. Dey talk any kine to da Good An Spesho Spirit dat do plenny good tings fo dem. Cuz a dat, God goin make way mo worse to dem guys den he wen make to da odda peopo dat neva like lissen his Rules befo time. 30  10:30 a: Rules2 32:35; b: Rules2 32:36Cuz we know da One dat wen tell dis inside da Bible:
“I da One dat goin pay dem back.
I goin punish um fo real kine.”
An anodda place God tell dis:
“God goin be da Judge fo his peopo.”
31 Eh! Sked, you know, if da God dat stay alive foeva go afta you!
32 But you guys, no foget how was befo time. Dat time, jalike God wen let you guys see his light an trut, an you guys wen go trus him. Afta dat, odda peopo wen make you guys suffa plenny, but you guys wen go all out fo hang in dea an no give up. 33 Had times da peopo wen talk any kine to you guys in front erybody, an dey wen make you guys suffa plenny. Odda times da peopo wen make same kine to yoa frenz, an you guys wen stay tight wit yoa frenz. 34 An wen dey wen throw some a yoa frenz inside jail, you guys wen feel love an pity fo dem. An you guys even wen stay good inside no matta peopo wen rip off yoa stuffs. Cuz you guys know dat time dat you guys da ones dat get da mo betta stuffs, da kine dat stay foeva.
35 Kay den. You guys wen go thru all dat, an neva come sked. Go stay make lidat, an no give up cuz God goin give you guys plenny good kine stuff fo you no give up! 36 You guys gotta hang in dea. An afta you guys do eryting dat God like you guys fo do, den bumbye you guys goin get da stuff he wen promise.
37  10:37: Habak 2:3-4Da Bible wen tell befo time,
“You know da One dat goin come?
He goin come fo shua real fas,
Not afta real long time.
38 My guys, da ones dat get um right wit me,
Dem guys goin live fo real kine cuz dey stay trus me.
But if dey come sked an lose fight,
I no goin stay good inside bout dem.”
39 Us guys not da kine peopo dat stay sked an lose fight. Dose kine peopo goin come wipe out. But us guys, we da kine peopo dat trus God, an cuz a dat, us goin get da kine life dat stay fo real kine.

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