God Get His Peopo Outa Trouble Foeva
Da One In Charge tell: “Lissen to me,
You guys dat like do da right kine stuff,
An like know Da One In Charge.
Tink bout wea you guys come from,
Jalike somebody wen cut one small rock
Outa one cliff,
O jalike somebody cut one stone block
From inside one quarry.
Tink bout Abraham, da main ancesta guy
All you guys come from,
An Sarah, yoa main muddah.
Wen I tell Abraham fo come be my guy,
Was ony him, one guy.
I do plenny good stuff fo him,
An give him plenny kids an grankids.
“Az cuz Da One In Charge goin help da Jerusalem peopo
So dey no stay sad no moa
Bout all da stuff stay bus up ova dea.
He goin make da boonies come
Jalike how he wen make da place Eden side.
Da dry up country goin come
Jalike one garden fo Da One In Charge.
Da peopo ova dea goin feel real good inside,
An dance an sing.
Dey goin tell Da One In Charge, ‘Mahalo plenny!’ an dey goin sing.
“Da One In Charge tell, ‘Lissen to me, all my peopo!
Cuz I goin give my Rules to all da peopos,
An wat I tell cuz I da Judge,
Goin show all da nations wass right,
Az goin be jalike one light fo show dem da way.
I stay ready awready fo do wass right.
I start fo get my peopo outa trouble.
I get powa fo be da judge
Fo all da diffren peopos.
I da One dat da peopo
Dat live on top da islans stay wait fo,
Cuz dey stay shua I get powa fo help dem.
Look up to da sky.
Look down at da earth.
Da sky goin go way, jalike smoke.
Da earth goin come boros, jalike da boros clotheses.
All da peopo on top da earth goin mahke, jalike small bugs.
But I goin get my peopo outa trouble all da time.
I still yet goin do wass right fo da peopo, all da time.
“ ‘Lissen to me, you guys dat know wass right.
You peopo dat get my Rules inside you,
No sked if peopo try fo make you guys shame!
No lose fight if dey talk any kine to you guys!
Cuz dose odda peopo no goin stay long time,
Dey goin be jalike clotheses da bugs goin eat.
Dey goin be jalike wool kine cloth dat da moth worm goin eat.
But I stay do da right ting all da time.
I get my peopo outa trouble,
Dem, an dea kids an grankids, foeva.’ ”
Isaiah tell, “Wake up! Wake up, Da One In Charge!
Make ready fo use yoa powa!
Wake up, jalike you wen do long time befo time,
Da time oua ancesta guys wen live.
Dat time, you wen kill da Egypt army guys
Wen dey come afta oua ancesta guys,
Jalike you wen stab Rahab da dragon,
An chop um up!
10 You da One wen make da ocean dry up,
No matta stay deep, an get plenny watta.
Was you wen make one road
Inside all da deep place,
Fo yoa peopo go ova da odda side
Afta you get da ones outa Egypt dat you wen free up.
11 “Dis time, same ting!
Fo get da peopo outa trouble,
Da One In Charge goin pay da price.
Dey goin come back Mount Zion side
Inside Jerusalem town,
Dey goin yell plenny cuz dey feel real good.
Jalike dey stay wear one haku lei on top dea head
Fo show dey like dance an sing all da time.
Dey stay feel good inside
An dance an sing wen dey stay coming.
Dey no goin feel sore inside,
An no goin moan no moa.”
12 Da One In Charge tell, “Me, I da One
Dat give you guys good kine words
An make you feel good.
But how come you sked a peopo
Dat ony goin mahke bumbye?!
Da peopo dat goin mahke jalike da grass?!
13 How come you guys foget
Dat me, Da One In Charge, I da One wen make you?!
I spread out da sky
An put down da foundation fo da earth.
So, how come you guys stay real sked ery day,
Cuz you tink bout da peopo dat stay mad
An give you guys hard time,
Cuz dey huhu wit you guys,
An dey stay ready fo wipe out you guys.
But wat dey goin do cuz dey mad?
14 Da prisona guys dat stay sked,
Pretty soon dey goin come outa da prison.
Dey no goin mahke inside dea,
An dey no goin come hungry.
15 Cuz me Da One In Charge, yoa God,
I make da ocean come rough
So da waves make big noise.
Me, Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies.
Dass who me.
16 I wen tell you wat fo tell.
I cova you wit da shadow from my hand.
I put da sky up dea wea stay.
I put down da foundation fo da earth.
I tell da Mount Zion peopo,
‘You guys, my peopo.’ ”
Da One In Charge Stay Huhu
17  51:17: JShow 14:10; 16:19Wake up! Wake up!
Stan up, you Jerusalem peopo!
Befo time, Da One In Charge wen stay huhu wit you guys,
An he make you guys suffa plenny!
Jalike he make you guys drink wine
From inside one wine bowl he give you,
An you drink da whole ting,
An you, you no can walk strait cuz a dat.
18 You guys, jalike one wahine dat born plenny boys
But now, no mo even one a dem
Fo show her wea fo go.
She wen raise up her boys
But now no mo even one a dem
Fo hold her hand.
19 Dese two bad tings wen happen
To you Jerusalem guys,
No mo nobody fo help you
Fo wat wen happen,
An you feel sore inside.
You guys stay all bus up,
An wipe out,
An no mo notting fo eat,
An dey kill you guys wit swords.
How I can give you guys good kine words
Fo make you feel good?! No can!
20 Yoa boys pass out.
Dey lay down dea, da end a ery road.
Jalike one deer dey catch inside one net.
Yoa God, Da One In Charge, stay real huhu wit dem.
An stay poin finga dem.
21 Az why you guys gotta lissen
Wat I goin tell you now,
You guys dat stay feel sore inside,
An feel jalike you piloot,
But not from da wine.
22 Dis, one spesho message from Da One In Charge a you guys,
From yoa God, da one dat stay help his peopo:
“Look! Now I take away yoa trouble.
Befo time, I wen make you guys suffa plenny
Cuz I stay huhu wit you guys.
Jalike I make you guys drink da wine
From inside one bowl,
An you no can walk good cuz a dat.
But you guys no goin get dat kine trouble
From me no moa.
No way you goin drink from dat wine bowl
Again, no moa.
23 I goin put dat wine bowl
In da hands a da peopo
Dat wen make you guys suffa,
Da ones dat tell you guys,
‘Go lay down on top da groun!
Fo us walk on top you guys!
Make yoa back flat jalike da groun
Jalike one road fo us walk on top.’
But I goin make trouble fo dem.”

51:17 51:17: JShow 14:10; 16:19