Wat Da Peopo Teach Long Time Ago
(Mark 7:1-23; Outa Egypt 20:12; Rules Secon Time 5:16; Isaiah 29:13)
Afta dat, some Pharisee guys an teacha guys dat teach da Rules From God go from Jerusalem by Jesus, an tell, “Eh, da guys you stay teach, no good how dey ack! How come dey no do wat oua ancesta guys wen pass down fo us know from long time befo time? Dey no wash dea hands da right way befo dey eat.”
Jesus tell um, “Long time befo time yoa ancesta guys wen pass down all kine stuff fo us know. How come you do dat kine stuff, but you no do wat da Rules From God tell you fo do? 15:4 a: Outa 20:12; Rules2 5:16; b: Outa 21:17; Prieses 20:9God tell, ‘Get respeck fo yoa faddah an muddah.’ An he tell dis too, ‘Da guy dat swear at his faddah o muddah, gotta kill him.’
“But you teacha guys tell, ‘If one guy get someting, an he can use um fo help his faddah o muddah, he can tell, “I no goin use um fo help you guys, cuz bumbye I goin give um to da Temple.” Den da guy no need show respeck fo his faddah o muddah.’ Dass wat you guys tell. You guys make no good wat God wen tell, fo stick wit da stuff yoa ancesta guys wen pass down.
“You guys tell one ting an do anodda! Da guy Isaiah wen talk fo God long time befo time, an fo shua he stay talk bout you guys! He tell,
15:8: Isa 29:13“ ‘God tell, “Dese guys talk jalike dey get respeck fo me,
But inside dey stay far from me.
Dey go down an pray to me,
But dey ony wase time,
Cuz dey ony teach da stuff odda peopo tell um fo do.” ’ ”
Wat Make You Pilau Inside
10 Jesus tell all da peopo, “Go come. Lissen an try fo undastan! 11 Wat you guys put inside yoa mout no make you pilau inside so you no can pray, but wat come outa yoa mout, dass wat make you come pilau inside.”
12 Da guys he stay teach come an tell, “Eh boss, you know, da Pharisee guys, dey huhu wit you, cuz dey hear wat you wen tell.”
13 He tell um, “Dey jalike plants dat my Faddah in da sky neva plant, an he goin pull out anybody dat try fo make lidat. 14  15:14: Luke 6:39Laytas wit dem awready! Dey jalike one blind guy stay go aroun, an show anodda blind guy wea fo go. Bumbye da two blind guys goin fall down inside one puka.”
15 But Peter tell, “Try tell us wat you mean bout da stuff stay go inside da mout.”
16 He tell, “Wot! Still yet you guys no can undastan? 17 You guys no can figga dis: Wateva go inside da mout, go inside da stomach, an bumbye come out. 18  15:18: Matt 12:34But wateva come outa da mout, come from inside. Dass wat make you pilau inside so you no can pray. 19 Any kine bad kine stuff come out from inside. Dass how erybody tink how fo do bad kine stuff.
Dass why dey kill peopo,
o dey married an go fool aroun,
o dey not married an dey still yet go fool aroun,
dey rip off da odda guy,
dey bulai bout da odda guy,
o dey talk bad bout da odda guy.
20 All dat bad kine stuff, dass wat come from inside. Dass why peopo stay pilau inside an dey no can pray. But if get one guy dat no wash his hands da right way, an den he eat, dat no goin make um pilau inside.”
One Wahine Trus Jesus
(Mark 7:24-30)
21 From dea Jesus go Tyre an Sidon side. 22 Get one wahine dea from da Canaan peopo dat come an yell, “Boss, you from King David ohana. Try pity me an give me chance! My girl get one bad kine spirit dat take ova her an make her suffa plenny.” 23 But Jesus neva tell notting.
Den his guys come an beg him, “Eh, make her go way, cuz she stay follow us an stay yelling.”
24 So Jesus tell her, “My Faddah sen me ony fo help da Israel ohana peopo, cuz dey jalike da sheeps dat stay lost. He neva sen me fo help all da odda peopo.”
25 But da wahine go down in front him, an tell, “Boss, try help me!”
26 He tell, “No good take da food from da kids fo throw um down to da dogs.”
27 She tell, “Dass right, Boss. But eh, even da dogs unda da table eat wat fall down from da table, aah?”
28 Jesus tell her, “Eh, sistah! You trus me fo real kine, aah! Da way you like um, dass how goin be.” An right den an dea, her girl come good.
Jesus Make Plenny Peopo Come Good
29 Jesus hele on, an go by Galilee Lake. He go up one hill an sit down. 30 Plenny peopo come by him, an dey bring da guys dat no can walk, guys dat no can see, guys dat no can move da arm o da leg, da guys dat no can talk, an plenny odda guys. Dey bring um wea Jesus stay an he make um all come good. 31 Dat blow dea mind wen dey all see da guys dat befo no can talk, but now can talk. Da guys dat befo no can move da arm o da leg, now can move um. Da guys dat befo no can walk, now can walk. Da guys dat befo no can see, now can see. Da peopo tell, “God do dis! He da same God dat oua ancesta guy Israel wen pray to, an he awesome!”
Jesus Feed Four Tousand Guys
(Mark 8:1-10)
32 Jesus tell his guys fo come by him, an he tell, “Eh, I get pity fo dese peopo. Dey stay hea wit me three days awready, an dey no mo notting fo eat. I no like sen um away hungry, cuz bumbye dey goin pass out on da way home.”
33 But his guys tell, “Eh, we stay hea inside da boonies, you know. An get plenny peopo. Wea us goin find enuff food fo feed um?”
34 But Jesus tell, “How much bread you guys get?”
Dey tell him, “Seven small bread, an get litto bit fish.”
35 So Jesus tell da peopo fo sit down on top da groun. 36 An he take da seven bread an da fish, an tell God mahalo plenny fo um. Den he broke um up, an give um to his guys. Dey give um to all da peopo. 37 Dey all eat an come full. An Jesus guys pick up da lefovas, seven big baskets full. 38 Had bout four tousan guys dea wen eat, plus had wahines an kids too.
39 Den he tell um, “Go home, now.” An he climb inside one boat, an go Magadan side.

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