He Stay Hurt, But He Talk Good Bout God
(Matthew 27:35, 46; Mark 15:24, 34; Luke 23:34; John 19:24; Hebrews 2:12)
Fo da main music guy. One David kine Song Fo God. Sing um wit da tune “Da Deer Early Morning Time.”
22:1: Matt 27:46; Mark 15:34Eh God! You da God fo me!
So, how come you wen bag from me an leave me hea?!
How come you stay far away from me?!
I stay cry plenny, but you no get me outa trouble!
Eh my God! Ery day I stay yell to you fo help me,
But you no do notting fo help!
Ery nite same ting,
Dass why I no shut up!
But you, you stay good an spesho.
You sit on top yoa throne.
Dass da place da Israel peopo tell good tings bout you.
You da One dat oua ancesta guys wen trus,
An you wen make shua notting bad happen to dem.
Was you dey wen yell to,
An dass why, dey wen get outa trouble.
Was you dey wen trus,
Dass why dey no mo shame.
But me, I one nobody,
Jalike I one worm, not one man.
Erybody talk bad bout me,
Da peopo ack jalike I no good!
22:7: Matt 27:39; Mark 15:29; Luke 23:35Erybody dat see me, dey laugh at me.
Dey make any kine to me, an stick finga at me. Dey tell:
22:8: Matt 27:43“So! Dis da guy dat let Da One In Charge handle his problem!
Good, Da One In Charge get him outa all dat!
If Da One In Charge get real plenny love an aloha fo dis guy,
Good, Da One In Charge come get him outa trouble!”
Dass how dey talk.
Cuz was you dat wen born me from my muddah.
From small bebe time, I stay trus you.
10 From da time I wen born,
Jalike you wen hanai me.
From da time I come outa my muddah,
You was da God dat take kea me.
11 Eh! You Da One In Charge! No stay real far from me!
Cuz get plenny trouble right hea,
An no mo nobody fo help me.
12 Da guys dat stay agains me,
Dey come all aroun me
Jalike plenny wild bull from Bashan side
Trap me.
13 Dem guys, dey rip into me
Jalike dey lions dat make big noise,
An come afta me wit dea mout wide open fo bite me.
14 My life, jalike all pau awready,
Jalike you dump watta on top da groun.
All da bones inside my body, all hamajang.
I feel jalike I stay melting inside,
Jalike sof wax.
15 Befo time, strong, me.
But now I all weak,
Jalike wen da mud dry up from da sun.
My tongue stay real dry, az why I no can move um.
You wen throw me down on top da dirt fo me mahke dea!
16 Da bad guys come all aroun me
Jalike wild dogs dat stick togedda.
Jalike one gang, dey come close fo hurt me.
Jalike one lion, dey rip into my hands an feets.
17 Can even count all my bones.
Dem guys dat stay agains me,
Dey give me stink eye, an dey laugh at me.
18  22:18: Matt 27:35; Mark 15:24; Luke 23:34; John 19:24Dey wen split up my clotheses
An throw da dice fo see who get wat clotheses.
19 Eh! You Da One In Charge! No stay far away!
You da One dat make me strong an help me,
Do someting real fas now!
20 No let dose guys wack me wit dea swords an kill me!
Dose guys dat stay ack jalike dogs,
No give um da powa fo take away my life,
Da ony one I get!
21 No let dose guys dat ack jalike lions,
Rip into me!
No let dose guys dat ack jalike one wild bull
Kill me wit dea horns!
22  22:22: Heb 2:12Afta you get me outa dis,
I like tell my braddahs an sistahs
Wat kine god you.
All my peopo goin come togedda,
An I goin tell um how awesome you stay!
23 I goin tell um: “All you peopo dat get choke respeck fo Da One In Charge,
Tell good tings bout him!
All you peopo dat come from oua ancesta guy Jacob,
Show Da One In Charge dat you know he importan!
All you Israel peopo from da Jacob ohana,
Stay sked a him!
24 Cuz da peopo dat odda peopo put down,
Wen dey talk to Da One In Charge,
He no treat um jalike dey junk.
He no turn aroun an go da odda way.
Wen dat kine peopo yell to Da One In Charge fo help um,
Da One In Charge, he lissen!”
Dass wat I goin tell da peopo.
25 Eh God! You da One I like tell erybody bout!
Wen choke plenny peopo come togedda,
I goin tell good tings bout you.
I goin make all da sacrifices I wen promise fo make
An I goin do um in front da peopo
Dat feel jalike dey sked wen dey wit you.
26 Da peopo dat odda peopo put down,
Dey goin eat plenny, all dey like fo eat!
All da peopo dat like know Da One In Charge,
Dey goin talk good bout him.
I like fo dem guys get life an stay good inside, foeva!
27 I like fo da peopo all ova da world, tink plenny bout you
An tell dat you, Da One In Charge, da God fo dem,
An come back fo be yoa peopo.
I like fo da diffren ohanas from all da nations
Go down in front you fo show respeck.
28 Cuz you Da One In Charge! You da king!
You da One dat get da right
Fo be in charge a all da nations!
29 Fo shua, da peopo all ova da world dat get plenny stuff,
I like dey go down in front Da One In Charge
Fo show him love an respeck.
I like all da peopo go down on top dea knees in front Da One In Charge
An all da ones dat goin go down inside dea grave,
Cuz dey no can make shua dey goin stay alive.
30 Da peopo dat goin live bumbye,
Dey goin work fo Da One In Charge too.
Da ones not born yet, dey goin hear bout da Boss,
An da peopo dat goin come from dem, same ting.
31 Da peopo dat not born yet,
Bumbye peopo goin tell dem how Da One In Charge do da right ting erytime.
Dey goin hear bout eryting Da One In Charge do.

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