Gotta Teach Da Right Way
Eh, Titus, erytime you talk, make shua you teach da right kine stuff, jalike God guys wen teach you fo do.
Tell da older guys inside da church, dat all dem gotta stay in charge a wat dey do. Tell um fo be solid kine guys, fo da peopo get respeck fo um. Tell um fo be da kine guys dat tink bout wat dey goin do befo dey do someting. Dey gotta trus God, get love an aloha fo God an erybody, an hang in dea.
Same ting wit da older wahines. Teach dem fo ack da way da peopo dat stay spesho fo God suppose to ack. Tell um, “No talk bad behind anodda guy back, an no love da booze too much fo you drink all da time an no can stop.” Tell um no make lidat, but tell um fo teach ony da good kine tings. Den da older wahines can teach da younga wahines how fo show love an aloha fo dea husban an dea kids, an how fo take charge how dey ack, an how fo be pono inside. An dey can show da younga wahines how fo take kea dea ohana, an how fo be good kine peopo, an how fo show respeck fo dea husban an let him be da leada. So den, if dey do dis, nobody goin talk bad bout da tings dat God tell.
Same ting wit da younga peopo inside da church. Give dem good kine words fo help um fo take charge a how dey live. Wateva you do, do good kine stuff fo show dem how dey suppose to ack. Wen you teach, make shua wat you tell an wat you do tell da same ting. Teach cuz you like teach, an be one solid kine guy fo da odda peopo get respeck fo you. Da stuff you tell, gotta be solid, fo nobody tell you donno wat you stay talking bout. Den, if get one guy dat no like wat you tell, he goin come all shame, cuz he no can tell us guys do bad kine stuffs.
Da slave guys inside da church, tell um dey gotta do eryting dea boss tell um fo do an no talk back, fo make dea boss feel good inside. 10 An no cockaroach da boss stuffs. Mo betta dey show da boss he can trus um fo do one good job erytime. If da slave guys make lidat, den wen peopo tink bout wat us guys teach, all da kine stuff us teach goin look real good. Dass wat happen wen us guys teach bout how God take us outa da bad kine stuff.
11 How come us guys gotta make lidat? Az cuz God wen show erybody he get one good heart fo help dem. An dass why he can take erybody outa da bad kine stuff dey do. 12 God like do plenny good kine stuffs fo us guys. Dass how come he teach us fo tell, “No way!” fo da kine stuff dat God no like, an “Not even!” fo da bad kine stuff da peopo inside dis world like do. He teach us fo take charge a how us live, fo do da right tings, an fo do da kine stuff dat he like fo us do, hea inside da world nowdays. 13 Same time us guys stay good inside cuz we wait an trus dat Da One In Charge a us guys, Jesus Christ, goin come back. Goin be awesome! Jesus, he wen take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay do. He God, you know, an he get powa ova eryting! 14  2:14 a: Songs 130:8; b: Outa 19:5; Rules2 4:20; 7:6; 14:2; 1Pet 2:9He wen give his life fo mahke fo us guys, fo him cut us loose from all kine pilau stuff, an from go broke God rules, an make us clean inside. He like make us his spesho peopo, dat go all out fo do wateva stay good.
15 Eh! All dis stuff, dass da kine tings you suppose to teach. Give um good kine words! An wen somebody do bad kine stuff, show um dat da ting dey wen do az wrong. Cuz you get da right fo tell um dat. No let nobody tink dey no need lissen.

2:14 2:14 a: Songs 130:8; b: Outa 19:5; Rules2 4:20; 7:6; 14:2; 1Pet 2:9