Da Gold Cow Idol God
32:1: JGuys 7:40Wen da Israel peopo see Moses stay on top Mount Sinai long time, dey tink, “How come dis guy Moses no come down from ova dea?!” So dey all come togedda in front Aaron, an tell um, “Make one idol god fo show us guys wea fo go. Cuz dat guy Moses, da one dat wen get us outa da Egypt land, we donno wat happen to him!”
Aaron tell um, “Kay den. Take off da gold earrings dat you guys wifes an boys an daughtahs get, an bring um ova hea by me.” So all da peopo take off dea gold earrings an bring um by Aaron. 32:4: 1Kings 12:28; JGuys 7:41Aaron take da earrings. He melt da gold, an wit one tool, he make one idol god dat look jalike one bebe bull.
Da peopo tell, “Eh, all you Israel peopo! Dis, yoa idol god! Dis, az one a da gods wen bring you guys outa da Egypt land!”
Wen Aaron see how dey like dis, he build one altar in front da idol god. He tell erybody, “Tomorra, we make one spesho religious kine ceremony fo Da One In Charge!” 32:6: 1Cor 10:7So da nex day, early morning time, da peopo make sacrifices fo da idol god an burn da sacrifices, an dey bring odda kine sacrifices to da idol god fo show dat eryting good wit him an dem. Den dey sit down an party an drink plenny. Den dey start fo fool aroun.
God Sen Moses Back
Den Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Go back down da mountain quick! Yoa peopo, da one you wen bring outa da Egypt land, dey stay jam up an stay do all pilau kine stuff awready. I wen tell um da right way fo ack, but real fas dey stay turn aroun an go da wrong way awready. Dey melt gold fo make one idol god dat look jalike one bebe bull. Dey go down in front da idol god an make sacrifices fo um. Dey stay tell, ‘All you Israel peopo! Dis idol god fo shua, az one a da gods dat bring you guys outa da Egypt land!’ Az wat dey tell.”
God Had It Wit Wat Da Israel Peopo Do
Da One In Charge tell Moses: “I know dis peopo. Dey real hard head. 10 So now, Moses, you leave me alone, cuz I no like wat dey stay do. I goin wipe dem out. Den, I goin make you da ancesta fo one importan peopo.”
11  32:11: Census 14:13-19But Moses, he beg Da One In Charge, his God, fo no do dat. He tell, “You, you Da One In Charge. How come you stay huhu wit yoa peopo? You wen get dem outa da Egypt land, an you use plenny powa an come strong fo do dat. 12 If you go wipe um out, da Egypt peopo goin tell, ‘Dat god fo da Israel peopo, fo shua he wen like make bad to his peopo. Cuz wen he take um outa oua Egypt land, was ony fo kill um inside da mountains an wipe um out fo dem no stay inside da world.’
“Cool head! No stay mad. Change yoa mind an no do bad tings to yoa peopo. 13  32:13: Start 22:16-17; 17:8Tink bout Abraham, Isaac, an Israel, da guys dat work fo you befo time. You wen make one strong promise bout wat you goin do. You tell dat you fo real kine goin do wat you tell you goin do fo dem. You tell dem, ‘I goin make da peopo dat goin come from you come real plenny. Dey goin be jalike da zillion stars inside da sky. Da peopo dat goin come from you, I goin give um da whole land dat I stay talk about fo come dea land foeva.’ ” 14 So Da One In Charge change his mind bout da bad tings he plan fo do to his peopo, da Israel peopo, an he no do um.
Moses Go Down Da Mountain
15 Den Moses turn aroun an go down from da mountain. He get da two flat stone in his hands wea God wen write da Deal front side an back side. 16 Da flat stones, God da One dat make da shape, an he da One dat cut da alphabets on top da stones.
17 Moses come da place wea Joshua stay wait fo him. Joshua hear da peopo stay making plenny noise. He tell Moses, “Eh! Soun jalike get fight inside da camp!”
18 But Moses tell,
“Dass not da kine song fo wen you win da war,
An az not da kine song fo wen you lose da war.
Wat I hear, jalike some guys make party!”
Moses Punish Da Peopo
(Jesus Guys 7:40)
19 Wen Moses come nea da camp, he see da idol kine god dat look jalike one bebe bull, an da peopo stay dancing in front. Moses come real huhu. He throw down da flat stones he stay carry, an broke um up, right dea down by da mountain. 20 An den Moses take da idol god dey wen make, dat look jalike one bebe bull, an he burn um up. Den he poun up da gold an make um jalike powda. He mix um wit watta an make da Israel peopo drink da watta dat get da powda inside.
21 Moses tell Aaron, “So, wot? Wat dese peopo wen do to you fo make you do dis real bad ting to dem?”
22 Aaron tell, “Moses, you da boss. No get mad bout dis. You know dis peopo, dey like do bad kine stuff. 23 Dey tell, ‘Aaron! Make gods fo us guys dat goin show us wea fo go! Cuz dat guy Moses, da one dat bring us guys outa da Egypt land, we donno wat happen to him.’ 24 So, I tell um, ‘Anybody get gold kine stuff, take um off!’ Dey give um to me, an I throw um inside da fire, an dass how come get dis bebe cow kine ting.”
Dey Kill Da Peopo
Dat Stick Wit Da Idol God
25 Moses see dat da peopo stay run wild, an Aaron da one wen let um do dat, an Moses know dat all da peopo dat stay agains dem stay laugh at um. 26 So Moses go stan by da camp gate, an yell, “Erybody dat stay stick wit Da One In Charge, come ova hea by me!” All da Levi ohana guys come togedda by Moses.
27 Moses tell da Levi guys, “Dis wat Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel ohana, tell. Go get yoa swords an tie um on top yoa belt. Den go all ova da camp, one side to da odda side an back, all da way to da camp gates. Go kill da idol god guys, no matta dey yoa braddah guys, an yoa neighba guys, an yoa ohana guys!” 28 Da Levi ohana guys do wat Moses tell um fo do. Dat day, bout 3,000 guys mahke.
29 Den Moses tell da Levi ohana guys, “Da ting you guys wen do today, dat make you guys spesho fo Da One In Charge from now. Cuz all you guys even go agains yoa boys an yoa braddah guys. Cuz a wat you do today, God goin do good tings fo you.”
Moses Tell God Fo Let Go Da Peopo
An Hemo Dea Shame
30 Da nex day, Moses tell da peopo, “Da stuff you guys wen do, was plenny bad. Still yet, I goin go back up da mountain by Da One In Charge. Maybe I can do someting fo him let you guys go fo da bad ting you wen do, an hemo yoa shame, fo make you guys come pono wit him one mo time.”
31 So Moses go back by Da One In Charge. He tell, “Try help me! Dese peopo, dey wen do plenny bad ting cuz dey make one gold idol god fo dem!
32  32:32: Songs 69:28; JShow 3:5“But now, fo da bad ting dey wen do, if you like let um go an hemo dea shame cuz a dat, az up to you. If you no like let um go, mo betta you wipe out my name too from inside yoa book!”
33 But Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Az ony da peopo dat wen do bad kine stuff cuz dey stay agains me. Dey da ones I goin wipe out dea names from inside my book. 34 Now, you go. Take da peopo da place I wen tell you fo go. Goin get one angel messenja guy from me dat goin go in front a you. An wen da time come fo me fo punish peopo, I goin punish da ones dat wen do da bad kine stuff.”
35 An, az wat Da One In Charge do. Da One In Charge make da real bad sick dat wack da peopo, cuz a wat dey wen do wit da idol god dat look jalike one bebe bull, da one Aaron make.

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