(Jesus Guys 13:47; Hebrews 9:28)
53:1: Rome 10:16; John 12:38You tink get peopo dat trus
Wat dey wen hear from us guys?! No way!
You tink Da One In Charge wen show one a dem
How strong him?! Not even!
Da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
He wen grow up in front Da One In Charge,
Jalike one young plant grow from one root
From da groun wea no mo watta.
He not good looking,
An he no look jalike one king.
Us no see notting
Fo make us like come his peopo.
Peopo make to him jalike he notting.
Dey no let him do notting wit dem.
He one guy dat stay sad inside,
An he know how feel fo suffa plenny.
Peopo turn aroun an look da odda way
Cuz dey no like see him.
Dey make to him jalike he nobody,
An nobody kea bout him.
53:4: Matt 8:17Still yet, wen us guys suffa plenny,
Da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
He take away all dat.
Wen us guys stay sad inside,
He carry all dat fo us.
But us guys, we ony tink him
Az da guy dat God wen wack an bus up,
An make um feel jalike he no good.
53:5: 1Pet 2:24But da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
Him, da one peopo poke wit one spear
Cuz us guys go agains God.
Him, da one dey smash
Cuz us guys do wrong.
Him, da one dey punish
An dat make eryting come good fo us.
Him, da one dey whip
An cuz a dat, he make us come good!
53:6: 1Pet 2:25We all go all ova da place jalike da sheeps.
All us guys, we go wea we like go.
But Da One In Charge, he let da guy dat work fo him
Take da blame fo da bad stuff all us guys do.
53:7: JShow 5:6 53:7: JGuys 8:32-33Da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
Da peopo give him hard time.
Dey make him suffa,
But he no tell notting.
Dey take him out jalike one sheep
Fo kill him.
But jalike da sheeps
Wen dey cut off all da wool, dey no make noise,
He no tell notting too.
Cuz da peopo put in jail
Da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge.
Dey judge him,
Den take um away fo kill um.
An da peopo dat stay alive dat time,
Dey no even tink bout
How dey cut him off
Fo him no stay alive inside dea land.
Cuz my peopo wen go agains God,
Dey wack dat guy.
53:9: 1Pet 2:22Dey set up one grave fo him
Wit da bad guys.
But wen he mahke,
Dey put um inside one rich guy place.
He mahke, no matta he no hurt nobody,
An he no bulai nobody.
10 Still yet, was Da One In Charge
Dat tink az good,
Fo smash da guy dat work fo Him
An make him suffa.
Da One In Charge make him mahke, jalike one sacrifice
Fo all da blame peopo get
Cuz a da bad kine stuff we do.
But still yet, da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
He goin see da ones dat goin come from him, an live long time,
An he goin get da powa
Fo do wateva Da One In Charge like
Fo him make happen.
11 Afta da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge
Work real hard an suffa plenny,
He goin see wat happen cuz a all dat,
An he goin feel good inside.
Da One In Charge tell, “Cuz my worka guy know wat he stay do,
An cuz he do da right ting erytime,
He goin make plenny peopo
Get um right wit me.
Az cuz he da one take da blame
Fo all da bad kine stuff dose peopo do.
12  53:12: Mark 15:28; Luke 22:37Az why I goin give him his share,
Same ting jalike I goin give plenny odda peopo.
He goin be jalike one a da strong army guys
Dat bring back plenny stuffs from one war
An give all da peopo dea share.
Cuz he let da peopo kill him,
An even count him
Jalike he one a da peopo dat go agains me.
Him, da one take da blame fo plenny peopo,
An pray fo da peopo dat stay go agains me.”

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