Agains Da Moab Peopo
(Isaiah 16:6-12)
48:1: Isa 15:1–16:14; 25:10-12; Ezek 25:8-11; Amos 2:1-3; Zef 2:8-11Fo Moab, dis da message from Da One In Charge, da God Ova All Da Armies, da God fo da Israel peopo:
“Ho! Bummahs fo da peopo dat live Nebo town,
Cuz dey goin come wipe out!
Da Kiriataim peopo goin come prisonas an come shame.
Da mountain dat get one strong wall on top,
Dat wall goin broke down
An da peopo dea goin come shame too.
No mo nobody goin talk good no mo bout da Moab peopo.
Inside Heshbon town get guys dat make plan fo wipe dem out.
Dey tell: ‘Go come, fo us go wipe out da whole Moab nation!’
All you Moab guys dat live in Madmenah town goin mahke.
You no can run away from da war dat goin come!
Lissen! Da peopo from Horonaim town stay yell!
Dey yell cuz eryting all kapakahi,
Eryting all bus up!
Moab goin come all bus up,
Erybody goin hear how da small kids stay yell fo help!
Dey go up da Luhit road,
An cry real hard wen dey go.
Dey go down da Horonaim road,
Dey stay all bum out an yell
Cuz eryting all bus up.
Run away! Run fo stay alive!
No go nea odda peopo!
Make jalike you one bush inside da boonies!
You guys make jalike all da stuff you do
An all da rich kine stuff you get
Goin get you outa trouble.
But da Babylon army guys still yet goin catch you guys
An make you prisonas.
Dey goin make yoa idol kine god Kemosh dea prisona,
Same ting fo all yoa pries guys an leada guys.
Da army guys goin come agains all da towns,
An no mo nobody goin get outa dea.
Da army guys goin bus up da peopo
Inside all da valleys,
An wipe out up country places,
Cuz Da One In Charge tell, dass wat goin happen.
Go put salt on top da Moab fields,
Fo make shua notting can grow dea!
Da whole land goin come all bus up.
Da Moab towns goin come wipe out,
Fo nobody live inside dem.
10 “I like fo Da One In Charge put kahuna
On top anybody dat tell dey work fo Da One In Charge,
But dey ony stay do um half-ass kine!
An I like fo him put kahuna
On top anybody dat tell dey goin fight fo Da One In Charge,
But dey no stay use dea sword fo make peopo bleed!
11 “Da Moab peopo, from da time dea land come one country,
No mo notting happen fo give dem trouble.
No mo nobody make dem prisonas
O take um outa dea land.
Dey jalike da kine wine
Dat stay long time inside da same jar.
Nobody pour um from one jar to anodda jar
Fo make um taste mo betta.
If you taste dat kine wine,
Still yet goin taste an smell same same.”
12 But Da One In Charge tell dis too:
“Da time goin come
Wen I goin sen guys ova dea
Fo take da Moab peopo outa dea country,
Jalike wen peopo pour da wine
From one jar to anodda jar,
Az why bumbye goin taste real good!
Da guys dat come
Goin make da Moab peopo go way from dea land,
Jalike wen you pour out da wine,
An smash all da ol jars so no can use um no moa.
13 Den da Moab peopo goin come shame
Cuz dea idol god Kemosh no help dem,
Jalike da Israel ohana wen come shame
Da time dea gold calf statue get smash Bethel side.
14 “How come you Moab guys talk big an tell,
‘Us no sked fo fight!
Us strong fo make war!’?
15 Da Babylon army guys
Goin go inside da Moab towns
An wipe dem out.
Dey goin kill dea bestes young guys.
Az wat me, Da One In Charge, oua King, da God Ova All Da Armies, tell.
16 “Litto bit mo, befo da Moab peopo goin get wipe out.
Fo real kine, all dese bad tings goin come real fas!
17 All you peopo dat live nea Moab,
Come real sore inside fo dem!
Erybody dat know how awesome Moab was befo time,
Dey tell ‘Bummahs! Dea king wen stay strong, but now his spear stay broke!
Dea king was awesome befo time, but now, his kahili all bus!’
18 “You Dibon peopo, come down from yoa high place,
An sit on top da dry groun.
Cuz da One dat goin wipe out Moab
Goin come attack Dibon too,
An bus up yoa big towns dat get strong wall.
19 You peopo dat live Aroer town,
Stan by da road an watch.
Aks da guys dat stay run away
An da wahines dat stay get outa dea.
Aks dem wat wen happen.
20 Dey goin tell: ‘Us Moab peopo get plenny shame
Cuz us lose da war.
Yell fo da mahke peopo!
Cry cuz you need help too!
Tell erybody by da Arnon Riva
Dat oua Moab land come wipe out awready!
21 Da One In Charge stay punish da up country towns,
Holon, Jahzah, an Mefaat,
22 Dibon, Nebo, an Bet-Diblata,
23 Kiriata, Bet-Gamul, an Bet-Meon,
24 Keriot an Bozrah.
He punish all da Moab towns, nea an far.
25 Us Moab peopo, not strong no moa!
Us no mo powa fo fight!’ ”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
26 “Make da Moab peopo come wasted,
Cuz dey tink dey stay mo big den Da One In Charge.
Let da Moab peopo roll aroun inside dea bahf
Fo erybody stay make fun a dem.
27 Befo time, was da Israel peopo
Dat you Moab guys wen make fun a dem, aah?!
Fo shua, you guys wen make lidat!
You tink da Israel peopo
Ony steala guys, aah?!
No ways, dey neva make lidat!
But az why you shake yoa head an tink, ‘Laytas wit dem!’
Weneva you talk bout da Israel peopo.
28 You Moab peopo, go way from all yoa towns.
Go live inside da cliffs an da caves.
Make jalike da rock dove dat make nes
Inside one puka on top da cliff, an da odda side a one gulch.
29 “Us guys wen hear bout da Moab peopo get big head.
Dey tink dey get um.
Dey ack high makamaka to odda peopo.
Inside, dey tink dey mo betta den odda peopo.
30 I know dey make tantaran an come piss off fas,
But az all fo show.
Dey all mout,
But dey no can do wat dey tell dey goin do.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
31 Az why I cry fo Moab.
I yell fo help fo all da Moab peopo.
Peopo moan fo da guys Kir-Heres side.
32 You Sibmah peopo, I stay cry fo you guys
Mo den I wen cry fo da Jazer peopo.
You Sibmah peopo get frenz all ova da place,
Jalike one vine dat get branches spread all da way to da Big Salt Lake,
An reach all da way to Jazer town too.
Somebody come dat goin wipe you out
Jalike dey goin rip off yoa ripe kine fruits dat ony get summa time,
An da grapes you guys harves.
33 No mo nobody get good fun
O stay good inside,
In da places wea get fruit trees
Inside da Moab land.
I no let nobody step da grapes
An yell cuz dey stay good inside
Fo make da wine.
If you hear um stay yelling,
Az not cuz dey stay good inside.
34 “Can hear da Heshbon peopo stay yelling fo help
All da way to Elealeh town!
Can even hear um Jahaz town!
Peopo find out bout um south side too,
From Zoar to Horonaim an Eglat-Shelishiyah,
Cuz even da watta Nimrim side stay all dry up.
35 Fo da Moab peopo, I goin make da ones
Dat make da burn up kine sacrifice on top dea sacrifice places,
No can make um no moa,
An no can burn incense dea fo dea gods no moa.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
36 Da One In Charge tell dis too:
“Dass how come inside,
I stay sore fo da Moab peopo,
Jalike wen somebody play
One funeral song wit one flute.
I stay sad inside lidat,
Cuz all da rich kine stuffs
Dat da Kir-Heres guys wen stash
Stay gone awready.
37 Fo show dey stay sad inside,
Erybody shave dea head fo make bolohead,
An cut off dea beard too.
Dey all cut dea hands fo make um bleed.
An tie burmbag cloth aroun dea wais.
38 On top all da flat roofs Moab side,
An inside all da open places,
Erybody stay moan cuz dey stay sad inside.
Cuz I wen bus up Moab,
Jalike one clay jar dat nobody like um no moa.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
39 “Da Moab peopo stay all bum out!
Erybody stay cry an yell.
Da Moab peopo no like show dea face
Cuz dey come shame.
Erybody make fun a da Moab peopo!
An same time, dey stay sked
Cuz a wat happen wit da Moab peopo!”
40 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell:
“Look! One nation stay come!
Jalike one eagle dat dive down fas.
Da eagle spread his wings fo attack Moab.
41 Da nation dat stay come
Goin take ova da towns.
Dey goin capcha all da place dat get strong wall.
Dat time, da Moab army guys
Goin suffa, jalike one wahine
Dat suffa wen she born one bebe.
42 Moab goin come wipe out,
An no goin be one peopo no moa,
Cuz dey tink dey mo big den Da One In Charge.
43 You peopo dat live Moab side,
You goin come real sked an shake,
Jalike somebody catch you in dea trap
An you fall down inside one deep hole!”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
44 “Anybody run away from wateva make dem real sked an shaking,
Dey goin fall down inside one deep hole.
An whoeva climb outa da deep hole,
Da trap goin catch um anyway.
Cuz az time awready
Fo me punish da Moab peopo.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
45 “Peopo run away to Heshbon town
Cuz dey tink da Heshbon peopo can proteck um.
But no can!
Cuz get one big fire come outa Heshbon town,
From da place wea Sihon was king befo time.
Dat fire goin burn da Moab peopo head
An burn da hair off dea guys dat like talk big.
46 Bummahs, fo you Moab peopo!
You peopo dat pray to da god Kemosh, you come wipe out awready!
Dey catch yoa boys an make dem prisonas.
Dey catch yoa girls an let da army guys take um.
47 “But bumbye, I goin bring back da Moab peopo
So dey no goin be prisonas no moa.”
Dass wat Da One In Charge tell.
Dass it, fo wat Da One In Charge tell, how he goin punish da Moab peopo.

48:1 48:1: Isa 15:116:14; 25:10-12; Ezek 25:8-11; Amos 2:1-3; Zef 2:8-11