Come Sorry Fo All
Da Bad Kine Stuff You Wen Do
Dat time some peopo stay dea, an dey tell Jesus bout da peopo from Galilee dat Pilate army guys wen kill, same time dose peopo stay make one sacrifice inside da Temple. Jesus tell, “You tink dem guys from Galilee wen do mo worse stuff den all da odda peopo from Galilee cuz dey wen suffa lidat? I tell you, no way! But if you guys no come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff you wen do, an no do um no moa, all you guys goin mahke too. Da eighteen guys dat wen mahke wen da towa Siloam side fall down on top um—you tink dey wen do mo worse stuff den all da odda peopo inside Jerusalem? I tell you, no way! But if you guys no come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff you wen do, an no do um no moa, all you guys goin mahke too.”
Da Fig Tree Dat No Give Figs
Jesus tell um dis story fo teach um. “Had one guy dat get one fig tree dat stay grow inside his grape field. He go fo look if get fruit on um, but no mo fruit. So he tell da worka guy dat take kea da field, ‘Three year now I stay come fo look if get fruit on dis fig tree, an no mo fig! Cut um down, fo no use up da dirt!’ But da worka guy tell, ‘Boss, leave um one mo year. I goin dig one ditch aroun um, an put fertiliza inside da ditch. If da tree give fruit nex year, dass good! If no give fruit, den cut um down!’ ”
Jesus Make One Wahine Come Good
10 One Res Day Jesus stay teach inside one Jew church. 11 One wahine stay dea dat no can walk good. One bad kine spirit wen make her lidat eighteen year befo time. She bent ova an no can stan up strait. 12 Jesus spock her, an tell her, “Sistah, I make you come good from all yoa sick!” 13 Den he put his hands on top her, an right den an dea she stan up strait an tell how awesome God stay.
14  13:14: Outa 20:9-10; Rules2 5:13-14Da main leada guy fo da Jew church come huhu cuz Jesus wen make her come good on da Res Day. So, he tell all da peopo, “Get six days fo work. So, let um make you come good on dem days, an not on da Res Day!”
15 Jesus, Da One In Charge, tell um, “You guys tell one ting an do anodda! All you guys hemo yoa cow o yoa donkey from da fence an lead um out fo get watta on da Res Day. 16 But dis wahine from Abraham ohana, an was Satan wen make um fo her no walk good fo eighteen year. You no tink dass okay fo hemo her from da sick dat make her no walk good, an do um on da Res Day too, o wat?” 17 Wat he tell wen make all da guys dat stay agains him come shame. But da peopo stay good inside cuz a all da awesome stuff he do.
Da Mustard Seed Story
(Matthew 13:31-32; Mark 4:30-32)
18 Jesus tell, “How you tink goin come wen God stay king? Wat kine story I gotta tell you guys fo help you undastan um? 19 Wit God, eryting start small, den come big. Dass jalike one small mustard seed. One guy take um an plant um inside his open lanai. Da small seed grow up, an come one big bush, an da birds come down outa da sky an make house inside da branches.”
Da Yeast Story
(Matthew 13:33)
20 An Jesus tell, “Wat you tink stay like, wen God stay king? 21 Make eryting come diffren, aah? Dass jalike da yeast. One wahine take um an put um inside one big bowl wit flour. Bumbye da whole bread come diffren cuz a da yeast.”
Da Skinny Door
(Matthew 7:13-14, 21-23)
22 Jesus go thru da big an small towns an teach. He stay go Jerusalem. 23 One guy tell him, “Boss, ony litto bit peopo goin get outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in, aah?”
Jesus tell um, 24 “Make shua you try hard fo get God fo yoa king! You know, dass jalike you gotta go by him thru one skinny door. Plenny peopo goin try fo go inside dea, but no can. 25 God jalike one house owna dat eat, den go lock da door fo go sleep. Den you guys goin stan outside an start fo knock da door an tell, ‘Eh Boss, try open da door fo us!’ But he goin tell you guys, ‘I donno who you guys o wea you guys come from!’ 26 You guys goin tell, ‘Eh! Us guys wen eat an drink wit you, an you wen teach us wen you walk down oua street.’ 27  13:27: Songs 6:8He goin tell one mo time, ‘I donno who you guys o wea you guys come from! Get outa hea, all you guys dat stay do wass wrong! 28  13:28: Matt 22:13; 25:30 13:28: Matt 8:11-12From wea you guys goin go, you goin see Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob, an all da guys dat wen talk fo God. Dey goin stay dea wit God da King, but God goin throw you guys outside. Den you guys goin cry an grind yoa teet cuz you so mad an futless. 29 But odda peopo goin come from mauka side an makai side an all ova, an dey goin sit down jalike fo one luau wit God da King. 30  13:30: Matt 19:30; 20:16; Mark 10:31An you know wat? Get guys dat peopo tink dey not importan now, an dey goin be da mos importan guys wen God stay king. Get odda guys dat peopo tink dey importan now, but dey no goin be importan wen God stay king.’ ”
Jesus Get Plenny Love An Aloha
Fo Da Jerusalem Peopo
(Matthew 23:34-39)
31 Dat time, had some Pharisee guys dat come by Jesus an tell him. “You betta get outa hea, an go anodda place, cuz King Herod like kill you, you know.”
32 Jesus tell, “Go tell dat buggah dat I tell, ‘I make da bad kine spirits no bodda da peopo no moa, an I make da peopo come good today an tomorra. An day numba three, my work goin come pau.’ 33 But I still gotta go today an tomorra an da nex day, till I get to Jerusalem. You know, befo time da Jew guys kill da guys dat talk fo God, an Jerusalem was da place dey kill um.
34 “Wassamatta you peopo inside Jerusalem?! You wen throw rocks an kill da guys dat talk fo God befo time. Plenny times I wen like bring all yoa kids togedda, jalike one muddah hen bring togedda her chicks unda her wings, but you guys no like come by me!
35  13:35: Songs 118:26“Wassamatta you guys?! Eryting all poho fo you guys awready! I tell you guys, you no goin see me one mo time till bumbye wen you guys tell, ‘Dis da Guy dat come wit da right fo talk fo Da One In Charge, an we like God do good tings fo him!’ ”

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