Da Lady Dat Know Wat Fo Do
Make One Luau
Da kine stuff somebody know wen dey know wat fo do erytime,
Try tink bout um like dis, make believe get one lady,
An dis lady, she know wat fo do erytime,
Erybody call her,
Da Lady Dat Know Wat Fo Do Erytime.
She tell da builda guys fo make one house fo her
An fo cut seven big poses from da stones
An put um up in front da house.
She tell her worka guys
Fo kill da animals an cook da meat,
An make ready da wine fo drink,
An put da food on top da table.
She tell da girls dat work fo her
Fo go on top da high places inside da town
Fo peopo hear dem,
An dey tell da peopo dat she tell dis:
“Anybody dat donno wat stay happen,
All dey gotta do is come ova hea wea I stay.
No matta dey donno how fo know bout stuff,
I tell um lidis:
‘Go come hea! Go eat my food!
Go drink da wine,
Da one I wen make ready!
You guys dat donno wat fo do,
You gotta change how you stay,
Fo you live fo real kine!
You gotta stick wit da way
Dat goin help you undastan stuff!’ ”
Whoeva Know Wat Fo Do
Goin Know Mo Plenny
(You know, anybody dat talk
To da kine big head guys
Dat ony talk bad bout erybody,
An tell um, “Eh, no good wat you stay do!”
Da bad guys ony goin make shame
Fo da guy dat talk to dem lidat.
Anybody dat tell one guy dat no stay do da right ting,
“Eh, you not suppose to do dat!”
Da guy dat tell um dat,
Ony goin get bus up.
No try tell one big head guy
Dat ony talk bad bout erybody,
Dat he not suppose to do someting.
Cuz if you tell um dat,
Da guy goin hate you.
But if you go tell one guy dat erytime know wat fo do
Dat he not suppose to do someting,
Dat guy goin get love an aloha fo you.
You talk dat kine to one guy dat know wat fo do erytime,
An he goin know even mo betta wat fo do.
You tell da kine guy dat stay do da right ting
Bout someting he neva know how fo do,
An he goin learn even mo betta.)
10  9:10: Job 28:28; Songs 111:10; Smart 1:7If you come sked wen you tink bout who Da One In Charge,
Cuz you get plenny respeck fo him,
Den you ready fo start fo learn wat fo do.
An if you know da One dat stay good an spesho,
Den you stay ready fo start fo undastan stuff.
11 Cuz if you stay tight wit
Da Lady Dat Know Wat Fo Do Erytime,
You goin live mo long.
Eh! You goin get plenny mo year.
12 If you like know mo bout wat fo do,
You da one goin get all da good stuff cuz a dat.
But if you talk jalike dey stupid
To da guys dat know wat fo do,
You da ony one dat goin suffa cuz a dat!
Da Lady Dat Tink She Get It
But She No Get It, Make Luau Too
13 Da kine stuff somebody tink, wen dey tink dey get it, but dey no get it,
Try tink bout um lidis, make believe get one wahine.
Erybody call her,
Da Wahine Dat Tink She Get It, But She No Get It.
She make plenny noise,
But she donno wat fo do,
She donno notting.
14 She sit down by her front door,
O on top one chair on top da small hills inside da town,
Jalike one teacha.
15 She yell at da peopo dat walk pass her on top da road,
Dey no make trouble, dey ony goin strait jalike dey suppose to go.
She tell:
16 “Eh, all you peopo dat donno wat stay happen,
No go odda place, come hea by me!
Eh, all you peopo dat get hard time fo tink strait,
I tell you dis:
17 ‘Eh! Da watta dat you cockaroach from somebody,
Taste mo ono, you know!
An da food you cockaroach,
Dass da bestes kine,
Wen you gotta go hide fo eat um!’ ”
Dass how she talk, dis wahine,
Da one dat tink she get it
But she no get it.
18 But da peopo donno
Dat inside her place,
Get all mahke peopo kine spirits.
Da peopo dat wen come inside her place,
Now dey stay down inside da Mahke Peopo Place.

9:10 9:10: Job 28:28; Songs 111:10; Smart 1:7