Tell Good Tings Bout Da One In Charge!
Eh you guys! Tell good tings
Bout Da One In Charge!
Weneva da peopo dat stay do wass right
Come togedda,
I goin go all out fo tell
How awesome Da One In Charge stay.
Real importan, all da tings
Da One In Charge stay do.
Da peopo dat stay good inside
Cuz a da tings Da One In Charge do,
Good dey try fo undastan
Wat he stay do.
Da kine tings Da One In Charge stay do,
Show how awesome him,
An how plenny respeck
Peopo get fo him.
He erytime stay do
Da right ting fo peopo.
He make shua nobody foget
Da awesome kine tings he do.
Da One In Charge,
He like do good tings fo peopo
An show pity fo dem.
He give food to da ones
Dat feel jalike dey sked
Wen dey come in front him.
He no foget da deal he wen make
Wit his peopo.
Da One In Charge show his peopo
How plenny powa he get fo do stuff,
Cuz he wen take away da land
From odda nations
Fo give um to us guys.
Eryting Da One In Charge do,
You can trus um,
An you know he get da right fo do um.
Eryting he tell you gotta do,
Fo shua, good fo you do um.
Wateva Da One In Charge tell you
Fo shua no goin change, eva.
You can trus wateva he do,
Cuz he do da right ting erytime.
He wen do wat he gotta do
Fo get his peopo outa trouble.
He wen tell dat
Da deal he wen make wit dem,
Goin stay foeva.
Wen you know wat kine god him,
You know dat he stay good an spesho,
An you know you betta
Come sked a him.
10  111:10: Job 28:28; Smart 1:7; 9:10If you come sked wen you tink
Bout who Da One In Charge,
Cuz you get plenny respeck fo him,
Den you ready fo start
Fo learn wat fo do.
Erybody dat stay do
Wat Da One In Charge tell um fo do,
Dey can undastan stuff fo real kine.
Good, dat erybody tell all da time
Dat Da One In Charge, he da greates!

111:10 111:10: Job 28:28; Smart 1:7; 9:10