Wat Isaiah Tell Bout Babylon
(Matthew 11:23; Luke 10:15)
Da One In Charge goin show pity fo da Jacob ohana,
An he goin pick da Israel peopo one mo time
Fo be his peopo.
He goin let dem res on top dea land.
Even peopo from anodda place goin come by da Jacob ohana peopo,
An goin stay tight wit dem.
Da peopos from Babylon goin take da Israel peopo
An bring um back inside dea place.
Den da Israel ohana goin take ova dose odda peopos,
An da odda peopos, guys an wahines,
Goin stay work fo da Israel peopo inside Da One In Charge land.
Befo time, da Babylon peopo make da Israel peopo come prisonas,
But now, da ones wen put presha on da Israel peopo,
Dey come dea prisonas.
Bumbye, Da One In Charge goin let you res. Den you no goin feel sore no moa, an you no goin come sked an shake cuz you worry, an no goin be no mo da hard slave kine work dey make you do. Den you guys goin sing one song fo draw picha bout da Babylon king guys cuz you guys win awready:
Look da ones wen give us hard time,
Dey pau awready!
Befo time, dey amp out jalike dey da winna,
But now, dey no tell notting!
Da Babylon king guys dat do real bad kine stuff
Wen bus up us guys wit dea club.
But da ones dat take ova us guys,
An wack us wit dea stick,
Now Da One In Charge broke dea stick.
Da Babylon king guys wen bus up
All kine diffren peopos,
Cuz dey real huhu, an dey no stop.
Az cuz dey real huhu an dey take ova plenny countries
An dey no hold back from hurt dem plenny.
But den, all ova da world eryting stay quiet.
No mo trouble.
Da peopo stay sing cuz dey feel good inside.
Even jalike da pine trees
An da cedar trees on top da Lebanon mountain,
Dey feel good inside cuz you king guys no mo powa.
Da trees stay sing bout you lidis:
“Now dat you no mo powa,
Nobody come up hea fo chop us down.”
Da peopo down inside Da Mahke Peopo Place
Dey no can wait fo meet you guys
Cuz you goin go down dea too.
Da spirits a da mahke leada guys from da whole world,
Da kings fo all da countries,
Dey goin stan up from dea thrones fo meet you guys.
10 Wen dey meet you guys, dey all goin tell you,
“Ho! Now you guys lose yoa powa!
You guys stay come jalike us guys!”
11 You guys wen ack high makamaka,
Peopo play music fo you,
But now, you guys come down to Da Mahke Peopo Place.
Da bed you goin get down hea
Get worms fo mattress an blanket.
12  14:12: JShow 8:10; 9:1You Babylon kings, all you,
You guys wen shine jalike da morning star,
Shining plenny even wen da sun start fo come up.
But now, look how you guys fall down from outa da sky!
God take you an throw you guys down to da earth,
No matta befo time you guys strong an bus up all da peopos.
13  14:13: Matt 11:23; Luke 10:15One time you guys wen tink,
“I goin go climb up to da sky!
I goin put my throne
Mo high den God stars!
I goin sit on top da mos far part
An da big mountain north side,
Wea all da gods stay come togedda!
14 I goin go up mo high on da top a da clouds!
I like come real importan,
Jalike Da God Dass Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods!”
15 But now, God bring you guys down to Da Mahke Peopo Place,
Da mos far part a Da Deep Dark Hole.
16 Da peopo dat see you guys,
Dey goin eye you up.
Dey goin tink plenny, an tell,
“Dis da guy dat wen shake da whole world,
An make peopo in all da countries stay sked an shaking?!
17 He make da earth come all empty
An bus up all da towns.
He no even open da door
Fo let da prisona guys go home!”
18 In all da countries, weneva one king mahke,
Da peopo erytime let da body stay inside da palace
An dey go dea fo show um respeck.
19 But you guys, wen you mahke,
Da peopo throw you out on top da groun
An no let you lay inside yoa grave,
Jalike somebody cut off one branch dat make da tree come sick
An throw um outside.
Da odda guys dey wen kill wit swords, same time,
Dey go all da way down to da stone inside da Big Black Hole,
Dea mahke bodies lay dea on top you,
Jalike da body az one blanket fo you.
20 Dey no goin bury you guys,
Jalike dey bury all da odda king guys,
Cuz you wen jam up yoa land,
An kill yoa peopo.
Bumbye, nobody goin talk bout yoa blood line,
Cuz all you Babylon king guys
Stay do ony wass bad!
21 Make ready one place fo kill
Erybody dat come from dose king guys,
Cuz dea ancesta guys, dey do plenny bad tings.
No way, fo one a dem stan up fo come king
An take ova da world one mo time,
An fill up da world wit dea big towns!
God Tell Wat He Goin Do
22 Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, he da One tell dis:
“Az me, dat goin stan up an fight
Agains da Babylon king guys.
Bumbye, nobody goin even rememba
Da name a da Babylon peopo.
No mo no Babylon guys goin stay,
Same ting fo dea kids
An da ones dat come from dea kids.”
Az how goin be, Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell.
23 “I goin make Babylon town come jalike da boonies,
One place wea da heron bird live inside da swamp.
I goin wipe out Babylon town,
Jalike I sweep um wit one broom.”
Az how goin be, Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell.
God Tell Wat Goin Happen To Assyria
24  14:24: Isa 10:5-34; Nahum 1:1–3:19; Zef 2:13-15Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
Awready make dis promise:
“I wen plan um lidis, dass how goin be.
I wen tell dat wat gotta happen, dass how goin happen.
25 Wen da Assyria guys come inside my land,
I goin smash um
An step all ova um
On top my mountain.
Dey goin try fo put da yoke on top dem,
But no goin stay.
Dey goin try fo make my peopo carry one heavy load on top dea back,
But I goin take da load off from dea.”
26 Dis wat I wen plan fo da peopo
All ova da world.
Dass how I stay ready fo use my powa
Fo take charge a all da peopos.
27 Cuz me, Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
I awready make dis plan.
Who goin stop me?
I stay ready fo use my powa.
Who goin make me turn aroun an go home?
Wat God Tell Da Filisha Peopo
28  14:28: 2Kings 16:20; 2Rec 28:27Da One In Charge wen give me, Isaiah, dis heavy ting fo tell, da same year dat King Ahaz mahke:
29  14:29: Jer 47:1-7; Ezek 25:15-17; Joel 3:4-8; Amos 1:6-8; Zef 2:4-7; Zek 9:5-7Eh! All you Filisha peopo!
You betta not stay good inside cuz you tink lidis,
“Da king fo da Assyria peopo dat wen bus us guys up,
He mahke, an now dey no mo powa!”
But da king guys dat goin come
Afta da Assyria king mahke
Goin be mo worse den him!
Cuz jalike you kill one snake,
Anodda snake goin come from da firs one
Dat can kill you wit poison.
An you kill dat one,
An goin get anodda snake come from dat one
Dat can fly an catch you an bite you.
30 Even da mos pooa ones from my peopo,
Da ones dat no mo notting,
Dey goin find food.
An my peopo dat get hard time cuz dey need stuff,
Dey goin lay down an res, an nobody goin hurt dem.
But you Filisha peopo,
Yoa mos importan guys goin mahke,
Cuz I no let um get notting fo eat.
An you odda guys dat still stay alive,
You all goin mahke too cuz no mo food.
31 Yell, all you peopo inside da town gates!
Cry plenny, you peopo inside da big towns!
All you Filisha peopo,
You real sked, you stay shake!
Cuz one strong army come from da north side!
Dey burn down da towns.
Can see da smoke!
Da army guys, dey all stay togedda,
Dey no even lose one army guy.
32 Wen da messenja guys from dat army aks you
If you guys goin give up,
Tell um, “No way! Was Da One In Charge
Dat put his big town Jerusalem hea.
Fo da peopo dat need help,
Dey can go inside Jerusalem
An nobody goin hurt um dea.”

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