Jesus Come Real Diffren
On Top Da Mountain
(Mark 9:2-13; Luke 9:28-36)
Afta six days, Jesus take Peter, James, an James braddah John wit him up on top one big mountain wea no mo nobody. Den, da same time dey stay look at him, Jesus start fo look diffren in front dem. His face shine jalike da sun, an his clotheses come shiny kine jalike one bright light. An you know wat? Right den an dea Moses an Elijah from long time befo time show up, an talk wit Jesus.
Den Peter tell Jesus, “You know wat, Boss? Good we stay ova hea! If you like, I goin make shacks ova hea, one fo you, one fo Moses, one fo Elijah.”
17:5 a: Start 22:2; Songs 2:7; Isa 42:1; Matt 3:17; 12:18; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22; b: Rules2 18:15 17:5: 2Pet 1:17-18Peter still stay talking, an you know wat? Get one bright cloud cova dem. Den, one voice from inside da cloud tell, “Dis my boy! I get plenny love an aloha fo him. I feel real good inside cuz a him. Eh, lissen him!” Da guys hear da voice, an dey come real sked, an dey put dea face on top da groun.
Jesus go by dem, an touch um, an tell, “Get up! No sked!” Wen dey look up, dey see ony Jesus.
Afta dat, Jesus guys go down da mountain, an Jesus tell um, “You guys wen see someting real spesho. No tell nobody wat you guys wen see. I Da Fo Real Kine Guy. I goin mahke, an I goin come back alive afta I mahke. Ony den, you guys goin tell peopo wat you guys wen see.”
10  17:10: Mal 4:5Jesus guys tell him, “Eh, da teacha guys dat teach da Rules from God, how come dey tell Elijah gotta come back firs befo God Spesho Guy goin show up?”
11 He tell, “Dass right. Elijah gotta come back firs an make eryting ready fo God Spesho Guy. 12  17:12: Matt 11:14But I tell you, one guy jalike Elijah come awready, an da peopo neva know who him. Dey even make any kine to him. An me, da Fo Real Kine Guy, same ting, dey goin make me suffa lidat too.” 13 Den his guys figga dat wen he talk bout Elijah stay come back, he mean John Da Baptiza Guy.
Jesus Throw Out Da Bad Kine Spirit
From One Boy
(Mark 9:14-29; Luke 9:37-43a)
14 Jesus an his three guys come by choke plenny peopo. One guy from ova dea go by him, an go down on his knees. He tell, 15 “Boss, try pity my boy! He fall down an start fo shake plenny, an suffa real bad. Plenny times he fall down inside da fire o inside da watta. 16 I wen bring um ova hea by da guys you stay teach, but dey no can make him come good.”
17 Jesus tell, “You guys! Nowdays nobody trus God! You guys, yoa head all hamajang! How long mo I gotta take how you guys ack?! Bring da boy ova hea!” 18 Jesus scold da bad kine spirit. Den da spirit no bodda da boy no moa. Right den an dea da boy come good.
19 Jesus guys go by him wen neva have nobody, an tell him, “How come us guys no can throw da bad kine spirit out?”
20  17:20: Matt 21:21; Mark 11:23; 1Cor 13:2He tell, “Cuz you guys neva trus God enuff, az why. An I stay tell you guys dis too: if you guys trus God ony litto bit, jalike da smalles mustard seed, you goin tell dis mountain, ‘Go move ova dea,’ an da mountain goin go. No goin get notting dat you guys no can handle. 21 [But ony get one way fo make dis kine bad spirit no bodda peopo no moa, you know. You gotta skip food so you can pray mo hard.]”
One Mo Time Jesus Tell He Gotta Mahke An Come Back Alive
(Mark 9:30-32; Luke 9:43b-45)
22 Den all Jesus guys come togedda wit him, Galilee side, an Jesus tell um, “I da Fo Real Kine Guy, you know. But den get peopo dat goin set me up an bus me. 23 Dey goin kill me, an afta dat, day numba three, I goin come back alive.” Dat make Jesus guys come real sad.
Jesus Pay Da Tax Fo Da Temple
(Outa Egypt 30:11-16)
24  17:24: Outa 30:13; 38:26Den Jesus an his guys go Capernaum town, an da guys dat take tax money go by Peter an tell, “Yoa teacha goin pay da tax fo da temple, aah?”
25 He tell, “Yeah, he pay um.”
Wen Peter go home, Jesus talk firs, an tell, “Eh Simon! Try tell me wat you tink bout dis: All da kings inside da world, from wea dey take da tax from? From dea peopo, o from da odda peopos?”
26 He tell, “From da odda peopos.”
Jesus tell, “Den dea peopo no need pay, aah? 27 But if us guys no pay um, da tax guys goin tink bad bout us guys. Az why, go by da lake, an drop one line inside da watta. Da firs fish you catch, open da mout. You goin find one silva coin inside. Take dat coin to da tax guys. Dat goin be enuff fo me an you.”

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