106:1: 1Rec 16:34; 2Rec 5:13; 7:3; Ezra 3:11; Songs 100:5; 107:1; 118:1; 136:1; Jer 33:11Eh you guys! Tell good tings
Bout Da One In Charge!
Tell good tings bout Da One In Charge,
Cuz he good,
An he stay tight wit his peopo all da time!
No mo nobody can tell
All da tings Da One In Charge do
Cuz he strong,
An no can tell eryting
Bout how awesome him!
Da peopo dat make fair fair to erybody
An do da right ting erytime,
Dey can stay good inside!
Eh! Da One In Charge!
Wen you do nice tings fo yoa peopo,
No foget me too!
Wen you get dem outa trouble,
Try help me too!
Cuz wen good tings happen
To da peopo you pick,
Same ting goin happen to me.
I goin feel good inside
Wen yoa peopo feel good inside.
Wen da peopo dat stay yoas
Tell good tings bout you,
I goin tell good tings bout you,
Jalike dem too.
Us guys, we do bad kine stuff,
Jalike oua ancesta guys wen do.
Us make crooked kine,
An do wass wrong.
106:7: Outa 14:10-12Da time oua ancesta guys
Stay Egypt side,
Dey neva undastan
Da awesome tings you wen do.
Dey foget how plenny
Da nice kine stuff you wen do.
Dey even wen go agains you
Dat time dey stay nea da Red Sea!
Still yet, God wen get his peopo
Outa trouble,
Fo erybody know wat kine god him,
An how strong he stay.
106:9: Outa 14:21-31God tell da Red Sea
Fo no ack jalike one ocean,
An da place come dry.
He make da peopo walk
On da floor a da ocean
Jalike dey walk thru da boonies.
10 Wen da peopo dat hate da Israel guys
Like hurt dem,
God get um outa trouble.
Da ones dat stay agains dem,
He neva let dem go afta his peopo.
11 Da watta cova up
Da ones dat go afta dem.
No mo nobody dat hate dem
Stay alive.
12  106:12: Outa 15:1-21Den da peopo start fo come shua
Dat wat God wen tell um stay fo real,
Dey sing fo tell good tings bout him.
13 But, real fas, da peopo foget
Wat God wen do.
Dey neva wait fo hear
Wat dey need fo hear from him.
14  106:14: Census 11:4-34Inside da boonies,
Dey wen crave
Da kine food dey like.
In da place wea nobody live,
Dey wen tes God
Fo see wat he goin do.
15 So God give um da kine stuff dey aks fo,
But he wack um wit one real bad sick.
16  106:16: Census 16:1-35Inside dea camp,
Dey come all jealous a Moses
An Aaron, da guy dat stay spesho
Fo Da One In Charge.
17 Dat time, da groun open up
An jalike swallow Datan
An bury all da peopo
Dat follow Abiram.
18 Had fire dat wen burn up
All da peopo dat stay tight wit dem.
Da fire wipe out all da bad guys.
19  106:19: Outa 32:1-14Mount Sinai side, dey melt metal
Fo make one idol kine god
Dat look jalike one bebe cow,
An dey go down in front um
An pour one drink kine sacrifice
In front um.
20 Dey had dea real awesome God,
But dey change
An go pray to someting
Dat look jalike one cow dat eat grass.
21 Dey foget God,
Da One wen get um outa trouble,
Da One dat wen do
Big time stuff Egypt side.
22 He do awesome tings
Inside da land wea da Ham peopo live,
An make unreal kine tings happen
By da Red Sea.
23 So God tell, “I goin wipe out
All da peopo!”
But Moses, da guy God wen pick,
He go stan in da middo
Wit God on one side
An da peopo on da odda side.
He try fo make God no kill da peopo,
No matta God wen had it
Wit da kine stuff da peopo stay do.
24  106:24: Census 14:1-35Afta dat, da peopo neva like come
Inside dis nice land.
Dey ack jalike da place no good.
Wen God make one promise to dem
Dey neva trus him fo do um.
25 Dey ony stay inside dea tent an grumble.
Dey no lissen wat Da One In Charge
Tell um fo do.
26 Den God put up his hand
An make one strong promise
Dat he goin make dem all
Fall down an mahke,
Ova dea inside da boonies.
27  106:27: Pries 26:33He promise dat he goin make da peopo
Dat goin come from dem bumbye
Run away all ova da place,
To all da diffren lands,
An fall down an mahke ova dea
Wit da diffren peopos.
28  106:28: Census 25:1-13But da peopo, dey go make frenz
Wit da peopo dat pray
To da Baal god from Peor side.
Dey even eat sacrifice meat
Fo da gods dat no stay alive!
29 From all da bad kine stuff dey stay do,
Dey wen piss off,
Da One In Charge, plenny.
Cuz a dat, dey come real sick
From da plague.
30 But Finehas wen stan up in da middo
Wit God on one side
An da peopo on da odda side,
An da plague stop.
31 Da way God tink bout Finehas,
He one guy dat do
Da right ting erytime.
An God no goin change his mind
Bout dat, eva.
32  106:32: Census 20:2-13Den, wen da peopo come Meribah side
Wea get watta,
Dey make Da One In Charge mad
One mo time.
Cuz a wat da peopo wen do,
Was bad fo Moses.
33 Dey no like do wat God Spirit
Tell um fo do.
Cuz a dat, Moses come huhu
An tell stuff dass not good fo tell.
34  106:34: Local 2:1-3; 3:5-6Wen dey reach Canaan,
Dey neva wipe out
Da peopos dat stay dea,
Da ones dat Da One In Charge
Wen tell um fo wipe out.
35 Dey marry an come hapa wit da peopos dat stay dea,
An learn how fo do
Da kine stuff dat dose peopo stay do.
36 Dey pray to da same idol kine gods
Dat da Canaan peopo stay pray to.
Dass how da idol kine gods
Trap dem an take ova dem.
37  106:37: 2Kings 17:17Da peopo ova dea kill dea boys an girls
Fo make one sacrifice
To da bad kine spirits.
38  106:38: Census 35:33Dey make dea kids bleed an mahke
No matta dey neva do notting bad.
But da peopo use dea kids blood
Fo make one sacrifice
Fo da idol kine gods
Dat da Canaan peopo pray to.
Dass why da whole land stay pilau.
39 Cuz a da tings da Israel peopo wen do,
Dey come pilau.
Az why dey no can pray.
Da way dey ack,
Jalike dey hoaz.
40  106:40: Local 2:14-18Az why Da One In Charge
Come huhu wit his peopo.
He piss off wit da peopo
Dat suppose to be ony fo him.
41 Dass how come Da One In Charge
Wen let da odda nations
Take ova dem,
Az why dey gotta do wat da peopo
Dat hate dem tell um fo do.
42 Da peopo dat stay agains da Israel peopo put plenny presha on dem,
Az why da peopo dat stay agains da Israel peopo
Make to dem jalike dey notting.
43 Plenny times, God get um
Outa trouble.
Still yet, da Israel peopo ony like do
Wat dey like fo do,
An dey go agains God.
Az why dey come notting,
Cuz God punish dem fo wat dey wen do.
44 But wen dey yell to God fo help um,
He lissen.
He see da big trouble dey get.
45 Fo dem, God neva foget
Da deal he wen make,
An cuz he like stay real tight wit dem,
He wen change his mind.
46 Fo all da diffren nations
Dat wen take his peopo
Away from da Israel land,
Da One In Charge make dem
Feel pity fo his peopo.
47  106:47: 1Rec 16:35-36Eh! You Da One In Charge!
You da God fo us guys!
So get us guys outa trouble!
Bring us back togedda
From wea all da odda peopos live,
Fo us guys tell erybody us yoa guys.
An we know wat kine god you,
Cuz you stay good an spesho.
Den we can talk real big
Bout how awesome you stay!
Book Numba Four Pau
48 Good fo tell erybody
Dat Da One In Charge,
Da God fo da Israel peopo,
Stay do good tings fo us guys
From befo time, an foeva!
We like all da peopo tell, “Dass right!”
Tell good tings
Bout Da One In Charge!

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