1 Corinthians
Opening considerations
A word of thanksgiving
A word of exhortation
A disclaimer about baptism
The nature of the Gospel
Foolishness to the lost
God uses ‘nothings’
Not with human wisdom but with God’s power
Wisdom for the mature
The nature of the ministry
It is not to be sectarian
God’s coworkers
There will be an accounting
We are a temple of God
As stewards we must be faithful
No room for boasting
The cost of being an apostle
Children imitate fathers
Not in word but in power
The nature of the Christian life
Immorality must be punished
Down with moral ‘yeast’
Avoid contaminators
Down with lawsuits!
How to avoid inheriting the Kingdom
Fornication is bad!
About marriage
Mixed marriages
About other situations
About virgins
A sense of urgency
Marriage again
About things offered to idols
Idols are really nothing
Respect the other’s conscience
The ‘rights’ of an apostle
To live from the Gospel
To forego a right
All things to all men
Even an apostle can be rejected
Learn from Israel
Eschew idolatry
Idol = demon
About conscience
Do all to the glory of God
The nature of church life
About women
About the Lord’s Supper
Some local abuses
How the Lord inaugurated it
Be careful to partake worthily
About spiritual gifts
A list of gifts
An analogy from the body
Functions in the Church
About agape love
Love described
Love contrasted
Prophecy is better than Tongues
Messages need to be intelligible
Paul’s example
There are limits
Wives are not to speak
Paul gets ‘authoritative’
About resurrection
A review
Resurrection is a fact
The sequence of events
Consequences of denial
A philosophical objection
Our turn is coming
Concluding topics
About a special collection
Personal plans
This and that
Final greetings