Dem Kount Di Pipol
Dem Arrange Di Tribes
Levi Pipol
Di Tribes
Di Tribe For East
Di Tribe For Sout
Di Tribe For Centre
Di Tribe For West
Di Tribe For Nort
Aaron Sons
Levi Pipol Work
Levi Pipol
All Di Family
Gershon Pipol
Kohat Pipol
Merari Pipol
Kohat Pipol Work
Gershon Pipol Work
Merari Pipol Work
Klean And Unklean Pipol
Payment For Sin
Special Vow
To Fulfil Vow
Priest Blessing
Leaders Ofrin
Di Gift
Di Time
Di Tribes Ofrin
Lite Di Lamp
Separate Levi Pipol
Levi Pipol Work
Passova Law
God Word
Trumpet Sound
From Sinai To Kadesh
Judah Tribe Start Di Travel
Dem Arrange Di Tribe
Moses Wife Broda
Israel Pipol Komplain
Komplain About Food
Moses And God
God Ansa
Eldad And Medad
Kwail Bird
Miriam And Aaron Oppoz Moses
God Ansa
Moses Beg For Dem
Pipol Wey Go Spy
How Dem Take Spy
Di Spy Work
Di Spy Ripot
Israel Pipol Dey Fear
God One Ponish Dem
God Ponish Di Pipol
First Attack
Law For Sakrifice
First Fruit Law
Wen Pesin Make Mistake
Sabat Sin
Tread Rule
Korah Sin
Di Fire Pan
Aaron Stik
Di Priest Work
Di Priest Part
Levi Pipol Work
Law For Levi Pipol
Di Red Melu
Dead Body
Israel Pipol Komplain Again
Moses Ansa
God Judgement
Edom Pipol Nor Agri
Aaron Die
Israel Pipol Win Hormah
Di Snake
Moab Pipol
King Sihon And King Og
Balaam Nor Agri Curse Israel Pipol
Balaam Follow Dem
God Oppoz Balaam
Balaam Meet Balak
Balaam Bless Israel
Balaam Shange Pozishon
Balaam Profesai Again
Balaam Shange Pozishon Again
Balaam Profesai Again
Balaam Still Profesai
Balaam Last Profesy
Israel Pipol Sin
God Ponish Dem
Wetin Happen Leta
Di Sekond Kount
Di Whole Nomba For Israel
Special Law for Propaty
Joshua Bi Leader
Evriday Ofrin
Sabat Day Ofrin
Evry Mont Ofrin
Passova And Bread
First Fruit
Blow Di Trumpet
Day To Pray For Forgivenes
Di Feast For Where Una Dey Stay Naw
Wen Man Make Vow
Wen Woman Make Vow
Wen Wife Make Vow
Woman Wey En Husband Don Die Vow
Midian War
Komplain About Midian Pipol
Midian Wimen
Wen War Di End
Dem Share Di Propaty
Reuben And Gad Pipol
Moses Ansa
Wetin Reuben And Gad Pipol Tok
How Moses Divide Di Land
Journey From Egypt To Sinai
Waka For Di Wildaness
From Kadesh To Moab
Kanaan Borda
Di Land Borda For Sout
Di Land Borda For West
Di Land Borda For Nort
Di Land Borda For East
Moses Choose Ofisas
Levi Town
Di Town
Wimen And Land Propaty
Moses Decision